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20 Years of Madness and Inspiration, What is Next?

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20 years of madness and inspiration, what is next?
This is my 20th year as part of the Odyssey family. It is also my 20th year being married to my amazing wife, Jean. I had no idea then how critical and important those two beginnings would be in my life. Is 2013 another important year that 20 years from now I will look back on as a turning point or the beginning of something big? I hope it is. I am however conflicted with emotion as I begin my trudge to the summit for this year. We had our best year ever in 2012 and we have many amazing things on the horizon for 2013, but I am still struggling to get back in the swing. I wonder if many of you are feeling the same? Last year was great, but it was a lot of work, struggle, balance, sacrifice, long days and sleepless nights. Can I do it again?

I have three kids and my oldest daughter turns 13 today. In what feels like overnight, I am no longer the new kid out of college trying to figure out what I should do with my life. I am the 40 something guy with everything I could possibly want and even bigger dreams than ever. Yet I’m still trying to figure out what I will do with my life, or if and when I will wake up one day and look or feel like my father. He seemed to have it all figured out, he had a wisdom and maturity that was bedrock for me. Do my three kids see me like that? Do they need me to be like that? I wonder. I am starting to see that he might have been as confused and flawed as I am now. It’s ok Dad, I still love you more than you can imagine. I might even love you more seeing you in my new adult perspective.
No matter what will transpire this year on my odyssey, my bag is fully packed with wonder, wisdom and hope. A few thoughts I will be taking with me and you might consider. 1. I will feel good about aging, it is a privilege denied to many I have lost and loved. 2. I will not focus on proving myself, I will find a way to improve myself in big and small ways. 3. I will be humble and curious. 4. No matter the mistakes I make, I will own them and do whatever necessary to repair the damage I might have caused. 5. I will wake up each day thankful for a blank canvas, and in the words of John Wooden, I will “make each day my masterpiece”.

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