The Business of Giving ™ since 1991

We’ve been designing radically different approaches to leadership development, building teams and organizational culture since 1991. Authentic and original, the work is in our bones. Everything you’ll find on our website, every program delivered, is purely and uniquely Odyssey. No stock images. Nothing canned. We’ll give your people something to think about, something to do, and something to feel – in a way that connects deeply with who they are, what they do and where they are going. Your colleagues and attendees will feel the power of these original experiences and it will have a direct impact on your company, your customers and your communities. We changed an industry and we keep pushing the envelope and we’ve been rewarded with raving clients who’ve helped build and donate over 17,000 bicycles, 17,000 prosthetic hands, hundreds of playhouses, skateboards and much more. Our clients are all over the world and our recipients are in more than 75 countries. Have fun learning more.

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