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We watch very little TV in our house. One of the shows we used to watch often was The Amazing Race. Good clean fun, language, themes, and get to see the world too. Teams of two people travel the globe with unknown challenges and opportunities along the way. Our daughters like it (11, 15 yrs.), as do my parents (Late 70’s).
Last week I was set to deliver two of Odyssey Teams CSR Leadership programs; Life Cycles where you teams build a bike for children in Niagara Falls, Canada and Helping Hands in Santa Monica California. The race began on Monday.
Flew from Sacramento to Washington DC to Buffalo NY then drove a rental car to Niagara-on the- Lake Canada. Tuesday morning drove to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Niagara Falls, (BTW I believe there are literally thousands, not just 7).

I walked along the cliffs of the river in awe of the sights, sounds, and mist of the mighty falls. There was ice, snow, mist on the rocks, railings and river, and the falls kept falling. There is one spot/overlook where I stood just four feet away from the edge of the falls and watched the water pour over the lip and disappear; Endless, non-stop, water making a quick change in course. It was mesmerizing and hypnotic to watch. Then off to work with a terrific client partner, PepsiCo Canada to change some lives.
Shortly after the Life Cycles program I was in a taxi, off to Buffalo, NY, then a hop to DC, a flight to Los Angeles and a taxi to Santa Monica. 24 hours from having seen The Falls, I went for a four-mile run, barefoot on the beach. It was a crystal clear, sparkling morning, sun just coming up. Ocean was glassy. There was a waist high swell loaded with surfers as I body surfed. Deep blue horizon line to the west, again I was in awe.
After lunch I led a group of 90 people from Seattle Genetics through our Helping Hands program as a capstone to their 4-day meeting. It got rave reviews. Shortly afterwards with just enough time to see the sun set over the Pacific, (no green flash), I was in a cab to LAX to catch a flight to Sacramento and a 90 minute drive home.
I think we are all in The Amazing Race if we can just pause and see the often subtle, yet sensational and/or jaw dropping majesty that is around us as we navigate the unforeseen challenges and opportunities on the course.
OH!!! Guess who I saw at LAX prior to my flight and had a wonderful chat with, exchanging stories, compliments and hot tips…Phil Keoghan, the host of The Amazing Race. True story.

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