Bike to farmers market

On Saturday I rode my bike down to the Farmer’s Market! It was such a great feeling to ride my bike; it had been since summer of 2007! I had to take my Diamondback Bicycle down from the side of the wall in the garage, where it had been hibernating since last August. Dust off some cobwebs, pump up the tires, and take it for a test run before I headed out. Then I had to look for the key that went to my bike lock and can you believe it? I actually found it within seconds, it was hanging with all the keys, right where it was suppose to be. I filled up my water bottle, and set out! Chico is a great place to ride bikes, I live on the far north side of town, but it only took me 20 minutes to get downtown. I rode through my neighborhood, where I ran into my sister-in-law and nephew, stopped and said hi, then continued riding my bike. I rode through some orchards that were in bloom and then through the avenues of Chico! Now that brought back some memories! Then I meet my great friend Nicole on the corner of 5th and the Esplanade. We actually have matching bikes, can you believe it?! If you knew us you would believe it! Then we rode down to the market, locked up our bikes side by side and cruised around town. What a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

New Mom Appreciating Cycles of Life

I am a new mom; well I guess I have been a mom for almost one year, it’s hard to believe. My son will have his first birthday in April. I can’t believe how fast it has gone by…it seems like just yesterday that I was a little girl and my dad was teaching me how to ride a bike! It will be awhile before my little boy will be riding a bike, but I know that it will come fast. Everyone tells me to enjoy him while he is little, because in a blink of an eye he will be on his way to college. The cycles of life that we go through, I am so excited to watch my little boy grow up, he has already changed so much in the first year of life. Now he is walking and curious about everything! Soon I will be teaching him how to ride his first bike…I think everyone remembers their first bike; mine was purple and it had a banana seat with a rainbow and a unicorn. I loved that bike, it was great because you could have your friend sit on the seat with you and ride doubles. What a great experience for a child, to have their very own special bike. It gives them a sense of freedom, to ride with the wind in their hair…