Bike to farmers market

On Saturday I rode my bike down to the Farmer’s Market! It was such a great feeling to ride my bike; it had been since summer of 2007! I had to take my Diamondback Bicycle down from the side of the wall in the garage, where it had been hibernating since last August. Dust off some cobwebs, pump up the tires, and take it for a test run before I headed out. Then I had to look for the key that went to my bike lock and can you believe it? I actually found it within seconds, it was hanging with all the keys, right where it was suppose to be. I filled up my water bottle, and set out! Chico is a great place to ride bikes, I live on the far north side of town, but it only took me 20 minutes to get downtown. I rode through my neighborhood, where I ran into my sister-in-law and nephew, stopped and said hi, then continued riding my bike. I rode through some orchards that were in bloom and then through the avenues of Chico! Now that brought back some memories! Then I meet my great friend Nicole on the corner of 5th and the Esplanade. We actually have matching bikes, can you believe it?! If you knew us you would believe it! Then we rode down to the market, locked up our bikes side by side and cruised around town. What a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

New Mom Appreciating Cycles of Life

I am a new mom; well I guess I have been a mom for almost one year, it’s hard to believe. My son will have his first birthday in April. I can’t believe how fast it has gone by…it seems like just yesterday that I was a little girl and my dad was teaching me how to ride a bike! It will be awhile before my little boy will be riding a bike, but I know that it will come fast. Everyone tells me to enjoy him while he is little, because in a blink of an eye he will be on his way to college. The cycles of life that we go through, I am so excited to watch my little boy grow up, he has already changed so much in the first year of life. Now he is walking and curious about everything! Soon I will be teaching him how to ride his first bike…I think everyone remembers their first bike; mine was purple and it had a banana seat with a rainbow and a unicorn. I loved that bike, it was great because you could have your friend sit on the seat with you and ride doubles. What a great experience for a child, to have their very own special bike. It gives them a sense of freedom, to ride with the wind in their hair…

Fruits of my labor

As Sr. Event Manager for Odyssey I have the pleasure of being on the inside track and planning the Life Cycle’s Programs, as well as other programs within the company. I find it hard to believe sometimes that it is a job. I never thought a job would give me to opportunity to change children’s lives, thousands of children’s lives.
One of my most memorable “life changing” experiences took place last year. We were doing a roll out with a large company. It involved planning programs that were going on simultaneously, stretching from California all the way to Florida. There is no describing the hours and hours of work that went into planning these programs. On the last day in Chicago, exhausted and more emotional then ever, my life changed.
These children were from Southside Chicago. If you have never heard of Southside, it is not surprising. They see things everyday that most people never experience. They come from single parent families, if they have a parent at all. Discipline is not a part of most of their lives.
There was one particular teenage girl that stood out that day. She had attitude. The way that she treated one of the Boys and Girls club directors was inappropriate. Oddly, I was nervous to tell this 11 year old girl that she was out of line. By reprimanding her it made her respect me. She went on to explain how she did not like this director and that she did not have to listen to her. After going back and forth she agreed that she would just not speak to her.
I watched this child’s attitude change right in front of my eyes. The moment the doors opened and she realized she was getting a bike, not just a bike but an opportunity, an experience, a moment to feel special, my life changed. It made truly realize how lucky I am and how to be better with the children I work with. She came up to me with tears in her eyes and gave me this immense hug. She apologized to me, the exchange that we had has pushed me to work so hard for these kids. It is amazing what a bike can do.

Life is a puzzle…continued

Change all your negative thinking about the people who do not fit in. These people on the edges are just that. They are the most important part of our schools and your business, our communities and the world. They are like the edge pieces of a great puzzle. Take time now to think about who is on the edge in your life. Homeless people, bullies, nerds, your crazy uncle and so on. It is our job as leadership teachers and leaders in business to find them and fit them in first. Our reflex is to avoid them and label them as trouble makers or unmotivated dead wood. Think about it. When you are putting a puzzle together, you don’t go right for the middle. The easy part that holds the key image of the picture. No. You look for the edge pieces. The apparently unimportant pieces when the picture is together. You know the people who do not fit in at work or at school. Don’t avoid them. Search them out. Look for the corner pieces. The ones that appear to cause the most trouble or have almost nothing in common with the rest of the work team. These are the most vital points of your puzzle. I know they are not as much fun as the middle and when it is all together they don’t get the focus or the praise. But, they hold it together. You know it and I know it. So make a list and get started. In a subtle way let them know how valuable they are. No matter how small or how big your puzzle is you will always have edges and corners. Even in the smallest family or work team. The middle will fall together as a result. Give them the value they deserve. You can do it!

Life is a puzzle. Are you a corner or middle? Making everybody fit makes the picture complete

Look around your business or school today. You can see the diverse environment our kids are growing up in. Many people are cast out and find themselves lost in a feeling of misfit hopelessness. Kind of like the toys on the classic Rudolph the red nose rain deer movie. Only this time they are real lives. They are lives as important and with as much potential as yours and mine. Sons and daughters, feeling lost and without hope and without a place in the picture. After school they grow up and take this same hopelessness into the workplace. What should leaders do about this reality?

The heart of it all…continued

So often we see teams working on the plays and not the other stuff. They practice play after play before the players are fitting together. Coming up with more and more complex systems and processes and thinking that success is automatic if they can just come up with the next greatest formation. Heart. The pulse of the team is the key. You cannot win if you have no heart of a team and that must be discovered buy each person connecting to the purpose. They can never forget to focus on the reason they are together. The patiently prepare each person for their role and put the right kind of people in the right position. Teamwork or die. All football players must see their role as MVP material and visa versa. They all matter and they all win together or loose together. That is the fact.

The least comfortable things in life are sometimes the most rewarding – like waking up early!

This morning I had to get up before the sun had to. It wasn’t fair. But I wanted to hear a friend of mine who was a keynote at an event before I went to work, so I didn’t really have an option not to get up. Needless to say I got up out of my comfy bed and started my routine 2 hours earlier than normal. I even had time to grab a latte on my way to the meeting. When I arrived, I was greeted by many dear friends and mentors that speak to my heart and encourage me greatly. Gil did a phenomenal job speaking and I am so glad that I went. I have not regretted waking up so early one moment today.
Sometimes in life the things that don’t seem fair end up being the most rewarding. Sometimes in life the things that are the least comfortable and the most out of our realm of normal are the most memorable. This morning it was. The journey begins…

The heart of it all continued

Solutions to the teamwork challenges in Chapter 1 are tough to come by. We at Odyssey know a few things about taking the worst teams and making them the best. To keep it as simple as possible. First step, remind them why they have been put together. Remind them all the time! In as many ways as you can. Make the team objective personal to each of them and show them how the overall goal will benefit each of them. Do you think a professional football coach doesn’t remind his team about a little goal called the Super Bowl. They do. Everyday, in as many ways as they can. They then remind them of the few key behaviors that will get them there. They practice those behaviors and never stray. They then prepare each player for the role they will play in the overall goal. Blocker, defense and quarterback. The key is putting the right people in the right positions. Match the skills and interests of each and celebrate all the roles as equal. The final step, the easy step is to learn a few plays. Each team can run the same plays as every other team in the league. The difference is the other stuff. What is missing from the success of your team is probably not in the play you are running but in the commitment, the heart, of each player on the field.

The heart of it all

At the heart of every business are people. Lots of them! Working as a team. Leading teams, making teams, restructuring old teams and shifting teams around. We all want to be the MVP of the team we are a part of. Are you one of the many that have found yourself looking across a conference room table at a bunch of your “team mates” waiting to figure out who is the real leader, who will get drunk on the first business trip and who will break the ice with the most inappropriate comment. The kind of comment that would make human resources give up hope. A slow and painful game of survivor unfolds as clicks are formed and alliances are created and tested. Some find themselves on the outside looking in. Some are right back in High School running for class clown or class president. Heaven forbid times get tough and the outcasts will be cast out and the “in” group will circle the wagons and protect each other. Never mind the real work that should be getting done. The politics and positioning take center stage and surviving becomes the number one goal. This situation is real and common. It will never work in football and it will never work on the long term for any company. Teamwork how do we navigate the traps and challenges? Seek and you will find the answers in your own motivations and personal faults. The

Who do you work for? – Chapter 4

The mistake of many companies is to stiffly personal ownership thinking. To hope that people will fall in line with the rest of the prisoners and drive themselves into a level of contribution and performance that would convince them never to leave the comfort, mediocrity and security or the big company. Leaving it to a few high performers to provide for the many. This will not work long term for either party. The heart of teamwork comes down to individual work in alignment and in sync with others and with passion and accountability. The way only a true owner works. Own your company called you and bring as much value as possible to your one and only client, big company “X”.

It's Powerful Stuff.