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  • Teambuilding

    When organizations seek teambuilding, they often default to the cursory short-term ‘fun activity’ at the expense of more deliberate, long-term satisfaction. No doubt, short-term fun is better than dismal long-term satisfaction arising out of doing nothing, but many organizations too often seek to do some form of teambuilding, not realizing that they can have short-term […]

  • The Barn Raising


    When I was around 8 years old, my father purchased 644 acres of California land from my great uncle. It was located an hour drive from our house, and we made the trip every weekend. The land has since become a lifelong passion for my father—and rightly so, for it truly is an incredible piece […]

  • 3 Tactics to Get Naysayers to Engage in Team Building

    When notifying employees of the next team building event, the typical response is, “What? Do they really think I have time for this?” Cynics come out from everywhere when the email is sent that the next team-building event is mandatory. The most difficult task in producing a successful team building event or seminar is getting […]

  • Facing My Worst Fear


    It is said that more people are afraid of public speaking than dying, probably because you only die once. But public speaking is something you must face any time you are in public. More accurately it’s not the “public” that drives you nuts, it’s the private time you spend with your little voice — those […]

  • Flying through clouds.

    Cirrus SR 20 landing Oakland at night

    When I learned to fly an airplane there were two licenses I knew I had to acquire, VFR and IFR. VFR means you are free to fly the skies except through certain airspaces and sky conditions. The most significant limitation, put simply, is to NEVER fly through a cloud, hence Visual Flight Rules (VFR). If […]

  • Life is an Odyssey.

    Lain Railroad

    Today I delivered our Life Cycles program to a really great client. The CEO of their business, Barry, is perhaps the best leader I’ve seen in years. This makes them a great client because it’s so easy to bring his concepts to life because they are not complicated. Barry’s approach is to develop his leaders […]

  • Bike building for children is a good metaphor for teamwork, teambuilding.


    Our Life Cycles – bike building program for increased teamwork is a huge hit with all of our clients. During this program participants build a bike. These bikes for kids are presented from the bike builders to the kids in the program. The metaphors of this and the other teambuilding activities involved in the program […]

  • Building bikes for kids, building teamwork and your serotonin


    Build a bike lately? Maybe you have. Christmas and the holidays were just a few weeks back. Kids love bikes. Giving bikes for kids is one of the simpler pleasures in life. I’m blessed to be involved with our <a href=””>Life Cycles – bike building program</a> where during part of the session bikes are built […]

  • Can building bikes for children bring your sales force to new levels of teamwork? New levels of sales?

    I’ve got to admit that I am biased here being one of the co-inventors of  Life Cycles – the original build a bike teambuilding event. Being in the experiential learning industry for 15 years prior to the light bulb going on about the idea of combining philanthropy and experiential training, I had the opportunity to […]

  • Life Cycles – The original teambuilding experience where every five participants build a bike for a child

    Building bikes teambuilding is also called [Life Cycles (TM)] and is a trademarked process of combining philanthropy and team skill development. Invented and delivered by Odyssey Teams, Inc. this bicycle-building event has become the ubiquitous program in the industry. Odyssey invented the process of building bikes as a teambuilding experience where children come into the […]