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  • Facing My Worst Fear


    It is said that more people are afraid of public speaking than dying. Probably because you only die once. But public speaking is something you must face any time you are in public. More accurately, it is not the “public” that drives you nuts, it is the private time you spend with your little voice […]

  • Rejuvenation


    Updates from your favorite Leadership, CSR, Teambuilding company that offers Life Cycles (Build-a-Bike), Helping Hands (Build-a-Hand), Playhouse Challenge and so much more. I read in a recent study that the average employee at a USA based firm leaves 5.5 unused vacation and/or PTO days per year. Not me. I was able to get a holiday […]

  • Bikes, Tires, and Metaphors


    Life Cycles, the original bike building build-a-bike program, allows participants to create something valuable and pass it on to the end user. As they build a bike and pass it along to a child, the result is a firsthand experience of the value of collaboration, customer-centricity, and teamwork. Metaphors like these are rich and relevant […]

  • The Human Herd


    With ever increasing access to technology, we have become more and more independent, especially in the way that we work. We are no longer required to punch in and out of a brick and mortar building in order to collaborate with co-workers. Gone are the days of productivity occurring behind a desk alone. Email, cloud […]

  • No Really.

    Earlier in my career I spent 5 years consulting with one of the fastest most successful credit card companies in our country. Growth was staggering. They went from 1,800 employees to 20,000 in just over 5 years. Their stock had the same type of growth. Even though all this was going on there was and […]

  • Pop your ears lately?

    kohala coast

    We lived down on the beach – sea level. The closest town (Waimea – of Parker Ranch fame) was a 15-20 minute drive up the slopes of the Kohala mountains at 2,500 feet above sea level. My wife, family, and I made this drive frequently. One morning as I was driving up the hill with […]

  • Q + A with Lain Hensley – Part III


    How do you advocate for one of these types of programs where we’re receiving feedback from attendees that they are already over-programmed during the meeting, and that what they would really like is free time? They want free time because they do not see the value of the team building session over the other sessions. […]

  • Q + A with Lain Henlsey – Part II

    We have a few meetings weekly, and so far none are really productive, resulting in a huge emotional response from several folks. How can we change the emotional memory so that these meetings become productive? Research has shown that physiology is critical to our state of mind and that the complexity of the human condition […]

  • Philanthropic Team Building: Good for Your Head, Hands, and Heart

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your second post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

  • Q + A with Lain Hensley

    How does Odyssey incorporate meaningful activities prior to the build in particular? I struggle with people just wanting to build a bike for hours and then are underwhelmed by donation numbers. Do not let them know anything about the building element going into the event. The philanthropic impact should be a surprise and the cherry […]