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  • Bad Day


    Many Odyssey Teams programs culminate in a closing that involves Tipping Points. Participants are instructed to author an original quote to be dispersed to their team over the course of the coming weeks as a vehicle of continued learning from one another. Here at Odyssey, we have the privilege of reading each submission as they […]

  • Labor Day

    For well over one hundred years, the first Monday of September has been recognized and celebrated as Labor Day. Nowadays, this holiday is synonymous with cookouts, pick-up softball games, and one last summer fling before the seasons change. However, as its name indicates, the original intent had far more to do with recognizing the blue […]

  • Perspective for the Mundane

    As we leave the freewheeling days of summer and begin to settle back into the routine, life can begin to feel suffocating in its predictability. Get up, work out, meeting, deadline, conference call, traffic, eat, sleep. Rinse and repeat. Here at Odyssey Teams, we participate in this loop alongside you. Our scuffed suitcases are evidence […]

  • Facing My Worst Fear


    It is said that more people are afraid of public speaking than dying. Probably because you only die once. But public speaking is something you must face any time you are in public. More accurately, it is not the “public” that drives you nuts, it is the private time you spend with your little voice […]

  • A Commitment to Community

    We ardently seek moments that allow us to engage in something bigger than ourselves. Surrounded by people working towards one common goal, there is a certain amount of awe and belonging that emerges from the tangible sense of community. We experienced a bit of that a few weeks ago. In late July, Odyssey Teams spent […]

  • Team Meetings – the Do’s and Don’ts

    team-meeting (1)

    We have a few meetings weekly, and so far none are really productive, resulting in a huge emotional response from several folks. How can we change the emotional memory so that these meetings become productive? Research has shown that physiology is critical to our state of mind and that the complexity of the human condition […]

  • Announcements

    Odyssey Teams Inc. has been on quite the journey throughout the last few decades. Our programs have evolved, our team has shifted, our workspace has adapted, and our expertise has grown. We’ve experienced a number of notable occurrences on our way – and we are thrilled to announce the latest developments! At the start of […]

  • Fourth of July

    Happy Fourth of July! 1776 was a rather notable occurrence for our country, and it rightly deserves our attention and celebration. It was a new start and a chance to create something better – something more intentional. And it was not easy. Nietschze said: ‘He who has a why to live can bear almost any […]

  • Philanthropic Team Building: Good for Your Head, Hands, and Heart

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your second post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

  • Disruption

    Three Ways to Foster a Disruptive Mindset That Breeds Innovation I recently hosted a TEDx talk in my hometown of Chico, Calif. on the topic of disruption — a subject I hold close to my heart. Disruption is the key to success in many aspects of our lives. Sometimes our best business decisions, insights and […]