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The good news…I just finished two fabulous days doing our Helping Hands (build-a-hand) workshop for a terrific client partner. In fact we’ve done all of our philanthropic team-building programs for them – Life Cycles (where teams build a bike for children), The Playhouse Challenge, and Board Meeting. They report a shift in the culture as a result.
The bad news…due to giving the session a few extra needed minutes, snow, and an accident on the highway. I missed my flight out of Edmonton. Thus, one more night and morning away from those I love and a short transition to prepare for another program.
The good news…an extra night in a hotel to catch up on some work so when I am home, I can be the best husband and dad possible!
The Blog Humbug news… is part of my catching up is to write my weekly blog. Lain, Bill and myself have been influenced by our stellar PR team to write blogs. The premise is that it will lead more people to our website.

I believe that some of the blogs we’ve posted the last few months have been interesting, insightful, fun, etc. I also believe that no one has read them. Our phone hasn’t been ringing off the hook; nor our emails flooded with appreciation, agreement or disagreement regarding our blogs. No swell in requests for new business either.
So the Scrooge part of me says Blog Blog Blog to writing blogs. I like it from a reflective, creative aspect. That’s why journaling is important to me. Though so far, that’s all the value I see.
PLEASE, be the ‘Ghost of Christmas’ out of Dickens and tell me these blogs make a positive difference. You can email me at or

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