Team building is not the aim!

Effective teamwork is powerful. We have all seen great sports teams and organizations rise above not because of their individual skills but their ability to … Read the rest

Managing – The Art of Creating Space. Lain Hensley’s response to the question of how to create more space as a leader.

The idea is that all parts of our life – and management can be seen as pieces of a pie. If you cut a slice … Read the rest

‘Unrealistic’ pursuit – a personal validation of Odyssey’s work

In 2004 Lain Hensley, co-owner of Odyssey, and I were discussing the notion of blowing out our paradigm of what was possible for us in … Read the rest

“Our Team is well balanced…we have problems everywhere”

We often add a little Odyssey color/flair to our events with quotes etc. (like the one above from Tommy Protho) placed throughout the training room. … Read the rest

Becoming Good Corporate Citizens. Is CSR the meetings industry’s new ROI?

Article written by Maria Lenhart Meetings West, June 2008 ”The only reason to hold a meeting is to save the world.” That was the audacious … Read the rest

Bucketworks – health club for your brain and Odyssey Teams – Life Cycles (bike building teambuilding) partner

Bucketworks. That is the name of a unique meeting space in Milwaukee. They promote themselves as “The Worlds First Health Club for the Brain.” We … Read the rest

Bike to farmers market

On Saturday I rode my bike down to the Farmer’s Market! It was such a great feeling to ride my bike; it had been since … Read the rest

New Mom Appreciating Cycles of Life

I am a new mom; well I guess I have been a mom for almost one year, it’s hard to believe. My son will have … Read the rest

The least comfortable things in life are sometimes the most rewarding – like waking up early!

This morning I had to get up before the sun had to. It wasn’t fair. But I wanted to hear a friend of mine who … Read the rest

Who do you work for? Do you work for “the man” or yourself?

I ask this question to groups around the globe and I usually get a similar response. Five to 10 percent of the room slowly raises … Read the rest