This is The Board Meeting. Now take off the suit, kill that PowerPoint and lube up your bearings cause you’re gonna build skateboards for kids. Wait…not just FOR kids…WITH kids.  Yep, you’ll help them in the creative and mechanical aspects of their ride. And as you’d expect from all things Odyssey, we’ve packed it with metaphors and meaning so you can learn new tricks and nail your craft. The Board Meeting is rad!

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Program Process

Pre-Program: We will help you identify the specific business goals and organizational values that The Board Meeting will deliver upon. This is done in a pre-program call between Odyssey Teams’ Lead Facilitator and key meeting stakeholders/organizers from your team.

At the Program:
Phase I – Opening/Introduction. – Designed to set a powerful context for participation, engagement and application related to the specific organizational values and individual behaviors as identified. Introviews™ – A series of questions/ice-breakers in pairs to get to know each other and discuss some of the above topics inside and out of business. Instructional review and safety briefing. Assign roles which may include: Team Lead, Safety Guru, Procurement and Cleanup, Design, Quality, and Sage. Establish timeline.
Phase II – “Customers” arrive. Time to get busy.
Phase III – Customize with/for recipients, Finish Building. – Clean-up begins.
Phase IV – Recipients depart with their new customized board and gear. Phase V – Debrief/Transference. – ‘Sages’report out on observations of their teams related to: Collaboration and teamwork, quality, sense of purpose, on-time delivery, and more related to the main objectives of the session. The larger group is invited to add additional observations time-permitting.
Phase VI – Tipping Points™. – Tipping Points are original quotes and lessons authored by the attendees at the end of the program and are fed back to the entire group over time for enhanced program benefits/shelf life.
Phase VII – Close.

The Why of Our Work: Board Meeting

We were all skaters growing up. It’s a part of us just like bicycles. So, after great success with our Life Cycles program we decided to have a ‘Board Meeting’ and sketch it out. The result is a cool event that has kids become part of the process. And because skateboards are like a blank canvas, the creativity and personality that goes into the design says a lot about the rider…and your team. The creative aspect is similar to the Playhouse Challenge but in a bite-size version. The Board Meeting combines great aspects of both Life Cycles and The Playhouse Challenge in a simpler logistical process as well. This allows us to pass along some savings to you. If budget is a concern, perhaps it’s time for a Board Meeting.

Other FAQ's

How many Skateboards will we build? Two for every group of six participants. What is the duration? Ideally, Three hours though it has been done in less time. Indoors or Out? Indoors. Outdoors…if you really want to be…outdoors.

DIY Board Meeting Teambuilding Kit COMING SOON

We are close to releasing the new DIY Board Meeting Teambuilding kit. Stay tuned and let us know when your event is and we might have it ready to launch by then.

It's Powerful Stuff.