Life Cycles Philanthropic

Team Building Program

Philanthropic Team Building with Odyssey Teams brings your team together to build-a-bike for a deserving child. Designed to engage each person in an exploration of customer centricity, accountability, problem solving, change readiness and collaboration: NOTHING IS MORE POWERFUL! Our proven formula brings a deeper connection to your values and provides a powerful customer experience. When children surprise your team by entering the training room to receive their bikes, helmets and locks we move from metaphor into reality. Your team will never be the same.


The Program

The ‘team building’ paradigm was forever changed in 2000, when Odyssey invented Life Cycles – the original bike building build-a-bike program. Since that time more than 60,000 employees of the worlds largest organizations from Australia to Russia have built in excess of 14,000 bikes for children, while transforming the way they think about ‘work’. Life Cycles is a perfect example of the ripple effect that comes from “paying it forward.” Through the ‘Life Cycle’ of creating something valuable and passing it on to the end user, your team will experience firsthand the value of collaboration, customer-centricity, and teamwork.

Lifecycles #2

Discover Why

Bill John, President/CEO explains:

Life Cycles was a game changer in our company and industry. My Odyssey colleagues had thought of an idea of building bikes as a metaphor for product in the workplace – a chance to demonstrate teamwork and collaboration and then donate the bikes to kids after the program. As the lead facilitator for this first program I was learning more about the challenges and marketplace of the client. In my discovery, it became clear they had lost sight of the customer. They were so focused on systems they had forgotten the fundamental purpose that drove their results, processes and relationships. The lightbulb went on and I knew it would not be powerful enough to just donate the bikes. This client, these participants, needed to see the face of their customer.

I arranged to have the children enter the room – to the complete surprise of the group. The results were profound. In the debrief, participants discussed lessons that went beyond all of our greatest expectations. You can watch and hear these lessons in the ‘Movie’ or ‘Odyssey Tube link’ or here by clicking ‘The first Build-a-Bike program….
We have continued to shape the Life Cycles experience to yield ever more powerful lessons. And it never gets old hearing the hundreds, if not thousands, of people coming up to us after the program explaining: “I have been with this company for X years and have seen everything, I was thinking ‘another teambuilding, ugh’…this was such a great surprise – the best program I have ever been through. Thankyou.”

People were ready for something more relevant, memorable and lasting. Life Cycles. What a great part of our client’s Odyssey. If it has not been a part of yours yet, contact us and see what all the talk is about.

Lifecycles #3


“Dear Odyssey Team, Thank you for an amazing day! From your varied team-building activities to the gift of giving back to the community, you kept our group engaged, enthusiastic, grounded, and humbled. It was, by far, one of the most meaningful LD sessions we have had – well beyond expectations. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.”

-Centegra Health System


“Our Summit last week was extraordinary. The Life Cycles program completely hit the mark on all that we talked about at the summit before you and your team came in. I greatly appreciate the investment of our time the week before to tell you how our event was coming together and what we wanted to accomplish. I have been continuously receiving feedback about our event being on point and on message at every turn.”

-V.P. Marketing


“It was amazing the impact you had on 800+ Sun employees. The response and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and many have described the program as the best team building experience they have ever participated in.”

-Sales Training Curriculum Manager
SunONE Sales


“Thank you and your team for two great days of training. I couldn’t be more pleased with the training team you assembled, the content and how the material was received by the participants. You listened to our challenges and geared a program that got right to heart of some of our key management/organizational development issues. It was amazing to sit back and watch the light bulbs go on for our managers. I look forward to them taking the learnings back to the work place and applying them.”

-Christine S.
Premier Retail Network

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“This is the most powerful customer service program I have ever attended!”

-James T., Sr. Leadership Team


“This unique event brought us closer together on many levels, especially as partners in delivering value to our clients.”

Merrill Lynch


“Thank you for the outstanding day we had yesterday. Several members of my team have stopped by to talk to me this morning about the awesome experience that they had yesterday. Some people have associated it more with their personal lives and some have connected the experience to their professional lives. Either way it touched them and they are taking the feeling, connecting to a thought and taking action. We try to do team building events once a quarter, usually on a much smaller scale, but this is by far the best team building event we have experienced. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again!”

-Gretchan C. US Payroll Manager


“I have been through many team building exercises in the past but this was the best.The entire room including me was in tears. It was just an awesome experience and all of the managers involved just loved it. I know it did a great thing for our company and the kids.”

-William S., Nueroscience District Manager,
Solvay Pharmaceuticals