Playhouse Challenge

Philanthropic Team

Building Program


There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with building something from the ground up. Whether it’s baking a cake or building a company, making something – from concept through design and execution – exercises your mind in a left-right-left march toward completion. It’s like boot camp for your brain. In our Playhouse Challenge™ workshop, your group will cooperatively imagine, design and build custom playhouses to be donated in your organization’s name to nonprofit youth programs, children’s hospitals or low-income housing in the local community. Past participants have described it as a sort of Habitat for Humanity experience, except that we bring the project to you, and the houses are completed before you walk out the door. We combine this “concept-to-completion” building exercise with keynote addresses, team building activities and a mix-match of ice-breakers to get your team thinking, well, like a team. Your group will discover the joy of building something real. You will find that the gifts your team takes away are as significant as those they leave behind.


How it works

During this Philanthropic Team Building, we bring in all the supplies and materials for your group to design, build and showcase one playhouse for every ten to fifteen participants. Participants are divided into specific roles including Chief Marketing Officer, Quality Assurance Manager, Building Manager, Architecture/Design Manager, Procurement Manager, etc. Then it’s about managing process, time, teamwork and results. Odyssey leaders initially set up the context of the exercise beforehand and follow through with a debrief afterward to overlay team and leadership developmental content, allowing participants to practice and to integrate into their roles and responsibilities.


Why it works

You want an intense project that highlights what can happen when you are all firing on all
cylinders – making measurements, swinging hammers, puzzling together the pieces…and doing something good for someone else. It’s a great way to maximize only 2-4 hours without the transportation time and costs of leaving the hotel/venue.
Business application: The Playhouse Challenge is about seeing each other in a new context where the values of trust and collaboration are built, literally.