Think horseshoes without the flying metal projectiles and dirty feet. Think paying-it-forward after you’ve put your heart into building something really fun.

You may have played it under the name ‘cornhole’ and might even be a member of the national association. As part of Odyssey Teams’ give your best projects, Play-It-Forward is an uber-fun game you’ll be building – and playing – and giving away.

In groups of ten, teams will get their work-order, time constraints, tools and all supplies needed. In good Odyssey Team’s fashion, it’s loaded with metaphors and opportunities to demonstrate the virtues of good teamwork and citizenship. The game is about throwing your teams’ bags through the air trying to land them on the other team’s platform. For the most points, you’ll want to land it in the small hole. For the most value in everything you do, you’ll want to give your best. We’ll show you how in either our ‘live’ version, delivered with Odyssey’s expert facilitation, or in the do-it-yourself Play-it-Forward Teambuilding kit.

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Program Process

The Play-it-Forward Process:

Intro/Context – Overview of project and how it connects to your values. Insights/suggestions on how to apply for the most value.

Build it! – Teams of ten with five per platform or other configuration determined by group.

Play it! – A quick game or tournament, time-permitting.

Paint it!
– Give it your design/personality.

Give it away!
– You choose to whom, how and when you’ll donate it.

Debrief. – Connect the experience to who you are what you do and where you’re going. Apply the lessons to real work/life projects.


The Why of our work: Play-it-Forward

We wanted something short and sweet designed for groups who weren’t afraid to have a little fun and/or are on a tight budget. Lain’s wife, Jean, thought it up after having fun playing ‘Cornhole’ with friends at a party. We thought it was a good blend of the physical aspect of building something; the creative aspect of painting/designing and a game where a beginner can beat a pro. The given was the giving. It had to be given away. The only problem we had was the name. Not that we were too snooty to say ‘cornhole’…well, maybe we were because we decided to play on words and call it ‘Play-it-Forward.

Other FAQ's

How much time does it take? 2-3 hours. Don’t have that much time? Challenge us.

Should we keep the building of the project a surprise for the attendees? It is not required but is recommended. This allows us to use the process more powerfully as a business simulation.

How much space is needed? 30 Sq. ft. per person is a good average. E.g. 100 participants = 3,000 sq ft. (though we’ve worked with much smaller and much bigger)

Indoors or out? This one is great outdoors but can be done in either. Ideal to have both indoor and out options for painting, playing the game, weather options, etc.

Will we get to play the game after we build it? As desired, and with enough time, you bet! We’ve had some fun tournaments.

To whom are the Play-it-Forward products donated? Your choice. You get to decide who they will go to and how they get them.

DIY Play-it-Forward Teambuilding kit COMING SOON

If you are interested in a self facilitated, DIY version of Play-it-Forward, let us know! We are close to finishing this fun product for your next meeting.

It's Powerful Stuff.