This unique workshop helps teams and participants unlock the mysteries of their true nature to discover their inner super powers. We’ll show you how to connect with your inner Superhero and use it to improve your life, organization or business. We all have a pocketful of Kryptonite. It’s our past. We can’t change it. And it can either make us a powerhouse or it can bring us to our knees. Every single person has super powers. We fully believe it. We’ve seen it in action. We’ll show you how to connect with yours. And how to use it to improve your life, organization or business. We’ll even address the villains: the obstacles, thought patterns, negativity or competitors that are keeping you or your organization from launching to infinity and beyond!

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Program Process


We will help you identify the specific business goals and organizational values that The Superhero Workshop will deliver upon. This is done in a pre-program call between Odyssey Teams’ Lead Facilitator and key meeting stakeholders/organizers from your team.

At the Program:

Phase I – Opening/Introduction – Video & commentary, set context, purpose, value of the Superhero metaphor to tap into human, team and organizational potential. Through dialogue, the foundation will be explored and the case made that each of us are not that different from Superheroes in movies. ART, Introviews and Clockwise are introduced.

Phase II – Special Power – Explore personal power. How was it acquired, developed and how to access. Deliberately. Partner discussions, journaling, report outs from/to the group to help people recognize these talents and opportunities as the building blocks of heroic results.

Cause – Superheroes must be clear about their Cause – something that drives you to be a Superhero when Villains are trying to discourage you. Your Cause (individual, organizational, community) must be clear and personal for it to generate super-heroic results. Partner discussions, journaling, report outs from/to the group to help people recognize these talents and opportunities as the building blocks of heroic results.

Kryptonite – Like Superman, we also have special powers gained from our unique origin; however that past can work against us and render us powerless. Work as a group to identify common Kryptonite and potential strategies to leverage the past so not to be rendered powerless.

Villains – As leaders you must face your villains. Who are the Villains in your life or work and are they getting in the way of all that is possible?

Phase III – Answering the call – Deliberately and heroically. ‘Little Voices’ activity to put it all together.

Phase IV – Transference into work roles/functions for long-term results – The final ‘debrief’ creates a new paradigm of what is possible through specific actions and commitments made by attendees.

Phase V – Tipping Points™ – Tipping Points are original quotes and lessons authored by the attendees at the end of the program and are fed back to the entire group over time for enhanced program benefits/shelf life.

Phase VII – Close

The Why of Our Work: Superhero Workshop

Odyssey Sales Facilitator, David Ferrera, introduced us to the idea of using Superheroes as a metaphor for becoming super-powerful. At first, I felt skeptical. Not being a Superhero comic or movie junkie, I was lukewarm at best. Then Lain Hensley got a hold of the concept and started adding his metaphoric genius. The result has been a program that speaks to many people and teams in a powerfully fun, save-the-universe, heroic kind of way. If you’re lucky, you’ll get Lain, or David to facilitate. And if you get me, don’t worry, I’ve got you in my big super-hero hands.


Other FAQ's

How much time is required? Three hours +/- with options for customization.

How much space is required? Sufficient for participants seated at tables.

What is included/not included? Includes all materials and facilitation. Does not include Odyssey travel/living.


The Superhero Workshop was a good start for leadership camp and I think that many of his points were like reminders of what we plan to achieve and overcome this year as superheroes! It gave inspiration to me.

Very valuable, I thought it was fun! Captain Eutopia was full of enthusiasm.

The Superhero program gave us a lift! A fun, relevant and unique series of exercises. I recommend it!

– MSLPR, Inc.

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