Charisma and Things

Updates from your favorite Leadership, CSR, Teambuilding company that offers Life Cycles (build-a-bike), Helping Hands, Playhouse Challenge and so much more. Wow, it’s been over … Read the rest

Bridge the Gap

I recently led our Bridge the Gap program to 117 Senior Leaders from Shell Oil. This was our fifth engagement with the group as they … Read the rest

Be a Gimp Monkey!

“The right attitude with one arm will beat the wrong attitude and two arms every time.” One of the privileges prior to leading an Odyssey … Read the rest

Hey Nancy, That Build-A-Bike charity program is great for Team Building – Unless it has nothing to do with building the team!

You are a gem, Nancy. You get it. It’s just brutal to hear another of the dozens of “Team Building” companies who copied our invention … Read the rest

Changing Colors & Dropping Leafs

Our world-renowned philanthropic team building programs are custom designed to match the goals/themes of the group. A charitable component is always in the mix. Often … Read the rest

Odyssey Travels to Brazil with One of the Top Five “Fortune 500″ Companies – Part 1

Odyssey Travels to Brazil with one of the Top Five “Fortune 500″ Companies – Part 1 Calling what I just did in Brazil with the … Read the rest

The Rebuilding of a Brand: The Possibilites are Endless

The Rebuilding of a Brand: The Possibilites are Endless I dropped by the Apple Store in NYC after doing a program for Microsoft. I know… … Read the rest

Managing – The Art of Creating Space. Lain Hensley’s response to the question of how to create more space as a leader.

The idea is that all parts of our life – and management can be seen as pieces of a pie. If you cut a slice … Read the rest

Becoming Good Corporate Citizens. Is CSR the meetings industry’s new ROI?

Article written by Maria Lenhart Meetings West, June 2008 ”The only reason to hold a meeting is to save the world.” That was the audacious … Read the rest