Couch Time

A nice thing about leading Odyssey’s philanthropic team-building workshops such as Life Cycles (build-a-bike) or Helping Hands, (build-a-hand kit), is that we don’t have much … Read the rest

Hey Nancy, That Build-A-Bike charity program is great for Team Building – Unless it has nothing to do with building the team!

You are a gem, Nancy. You get it. It’s just brutal to hear another of the dozens of “Team Building” companies who copied our invention … Read the rest

X Marks the Spot

People’s votes are heard around the world at Odyssey’s Teambuilding Philanthropic programs such as Helping Hands, Life Cycles and Playhouse Challenge. In a recent week … Read the rest

Environment and Opportunity!

Environment and Opportunity! 220 people changed the lives of 44 youth and vice versa. This all took place in a warehouse in East Los Angeles … Read the rest

Small Team Builds Hands and Changes Lives

Small Team Builds Hands and Changes Lives When I was asked to do our Helping Hands philanthropic teambuilding program for a group of six people, … Read the rest

What is Teambuilding?

I can’t take it anymore!!! What is teambuilding? After 20 years of traveling all over the world and working with the top of fortune 100 … Read the rest

Team Building events build bikes..Leaders too!

Experience (Odyssey w/17 years, 21 countries, 150,000 people) and positive, common, extraordinary teambuilding experiences are key to the growth of teams and leaders. Are you … Read the rest

Bucketworks – health club for your brain and Odyssey Teams – Life Cycles (bike building teambuilding) partner

Bucketworks. That is the name of a unique meeting space in Milwaukee. They promote themselves as “The Worlds First Health Club for the Brain.” We … Read the rest

Go fishing–catch yourself!

In Odyssey’s team building and philanthropic bike building teambuilding programs (Life Cycles), we often mention that if you want something to be different for your … Read the rest

Does building bikes for kids and other teambuilding programs build more hope, productivity?

I read a scientific study recently that people’s overall success and happiness is determined by the belief that they have some control or influence on … Read the rest