Jessica. Logistics extraordinaire.

Jessica Souder

Jessica Souder. Running and winning races at every age is just one of the ways Jessica has pushed herself to excellence. She has raised amazing kids, found deep fulfilling love in her marriage, and brings a calm to the Odyssey storm. She has said, “YES” to just about everything life, and we can throw at her, and made lemon-aid out of lemons more times than we can count. She has a way of making people feel good and is just as happy to be giving orders as taking them. She is the ultimate Situational Leader with the gift of perspective and the compassion of a golden retriever. At Odyssey, she is the glue that holds huge chunks together. From managing the shipping team to organizing children to being present at our Life Cycles events, she can do anything. Her bond to the purpose of Odyssey and the value she brings to all of us is obvious. After getting her degree from Chico State, she has found her balance with the six to ten hats she wears in any given day and we love her for it. You will too.