Sarah Healy Middleton

Sarah Healy

If Greek mythology had not been dreamed up a few thousands years ago, Sarah would have inspired it.  A blend of Athena and Zeus, she has great power, but uses it carefully and justly. She is a force of nature and aligns herself with truth, introspection, balance, passion, heart, awareness, and joy.  She uses her lightning bolt of facilitation wisdom with some of the biggest in the business: Microsoft, Powerbar, Kaiser Permanente, Exempla Healthcare, Google, Wells Fargo, and Patagonia.  Inspired by her father, she returns to her family for perspective and to fulfill her highest calling.  Her pillars stand long after she is gone and she earned her place at the acropolis after completing her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and more than 25 years traveling the planet.  Odyssey has been lucky to call her part of our team from almost the beginning and she has given her best in the areas of change management, organizational development, life skills, corporate culture, and strategic initiatives to any client she supports.