As for the main benefits/take-aways, it’s hard to narrow it down to a few. Of course there were huge ‘Aha’s” for the group with regard to thinking outside the box and creativity. But there was also a vastly increased level of team cohesiveness. We really had an opportunity to know each other better and to have some fun together in a way that increases our commitment to work together effectively. But the biggest payoff of all was the combined feeling of having accomplished something with such an impact to people around the world. Knowing that we actually made a significant positive difference in the lives of people who so badly need it, was astonishing! Jean E. Jean Deering, AVP Learning & Development Manager BD/SBS L&D Wells Fargo Bank.
Helping Hands –  Wells Fargo

I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for the outstanding day we had yesterday.
Gretchan Chismar , US Payroll Manager, Honeywell

The entire room including me was in tears. It was just an awesome experience and all of the managers involved just loved it. I know it did a great thing for our company and the kids.
William Stanley, Nuerorscience Distirict Manager, Solvay Pharmaceuticals

A sincere “Thank You” for providing us with such an emotional and enlightening experience last Thursday afternoon. Absolutely one of the best “training” events I have had in my career. I have already related the experience and lesson learned to numerous people, both internal and external to Qualcomm. I am sure I will be talking about this most memorable episode for quite some time.   What an impact – Thank you!
Ty Stewart, Qualcomm

“I must say that I may not be able to top the experience we had with Odyssey.”
Kristen Mucleroy, Fiberlink Communications

I cannot begin to tell you how valuable this event was for our Team.
Karen L. Henry, Merck & Co., Inc.

‘You and the Odyssey team engaged and inspired the OGC in a way they had never experienced before’
Thank you, Merrill Lynch

This isthe most powerful customer service program I have ever attended!”
James Terry, Sr. Leadership Team, Honeywell

This unique event brought us closer together on many levels, especially as partners in delivering value to our clients.
Merrill Lynch

-Just want you to know that there hasn’t been ANY negative feedback (out of 200 participants) which is rare with this group, so consider it a huge success on our end, as well as yours.

Here are some of the many comments we received from the managers.
Merrill Lynch, Merrill Lynch

We keep having nothing but positive feedback.
Merrill Lynch, Merrill Lynch

Great investment in my team!
Jim Hoffmans, Centex Homes

Seeing the faces of the kids – and the adults too – when they receive the bikes was priceless.
Bob Glotch, Boys and Girls Club of San Leandro – Saturn Helping Odyssey

I continue to be completely impressed with our event and have some excellent memories.
Gretchen Kaufman, IBM Business Consulting Services – UCLA Executive MBA program

This experience is one they won’t forget.
Kelly Sears, Boys and Girls Club of Omaha

Extremely professional and effective.
Gabriel Mesa, Amgen – UCLA Executive MBA program

‘Very professional and well directed.’
Dan Greene, UCLA – Executive MBA program

“The last couple of days were unforgettable, inspiring, and truly thought provoking.”
Richard Cracraft, UCLA Executive MBA program

I couldn’t be more pleased with the training team you assembled, the content and how the material was received by the participants.
Christine Stout, Premier Retail Network

The look on the children’s faces was incredible. I’m very rarely speechless, but I certainly was then.
Evening Advertiser – UK, Lucent Technologies

Your session was truly phenomenal!
Marsha Firestone, Ph.D., Women Presidents’ Organization

We have come a long way in 3 years, and are building a strong foundation for our students to take the Odyssey experience to the next level.
Chris Reitan, Galena City School District – Alaska

Could you tell your co-workers that we appreciate the wonderful gift you offered seven of our most needy children.
Alan Roden, Cite Joyeuse

This year’s annual conference was a raving success and the Odyssey team was integral to that success.
Cyndi Pittman, Harolds Corporation

Yet another success!
Craig Moraes, Solvay Pharmaceuticals

I really enjoyed the “break-through” session last week!
Moez Seraly, Lucent Technologies

We got lot’s of very positive feedback about your session. Nice work!! You guys did a great job at the event.
Lucent Technologies

The team building was probably the highlight of the retreat.
Lisa Olsen, Owens Healthcare

The energy you inspire is powerful and contagious.
Debra Lichstein, Healing Odyssey

It was amazing the impact you had on 800+ Sun employees. The response and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and many have described the program as “the best team building experience they have ever participated in.”
Laura Moraros, Sales Training Curriculum Manager-SunONE Sales

This is one of the best team building events I’ve done.
TYCO Electronics

There is a moment of stunned silence, then the room roars! It is pandemonium as those with team numbers stand on chairs holding their signs overhead.
Rick Hyde, SUN Microsystems

This thinking (Odyssey PEN) has propelled our team to the number one position in our franchise for the past three years. I can’t state my opinion of your company enough-your professionalism, your creativity and your passion for what you do comes through loud and clear.
Craig Moraes, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

My friends and family may not have noticed any dramatic changes in me, but I, as a person, feel stronger, happier, self confident and mentally and physically smarter.
JoNina Cross, Rogers Middle School

“The Odyssey is a modern and fun approach to self discovery, and an awesome vehicle in improving ones capacity to coach and increase the integrity of learning into others!”
Hornsby RSL Club

“The pace and presentation of the Odyssey were outstanding – the three days flew by with everyone staying very focused – a great learning experience!”
Newcastle City Council

89% of our employees indicate that communication at PRN improved in the past year. I believe that Odyssey PEN was a big part in helping us achieve this success.
Christine Stout, Premier Retail Networks

They (Odyssey P.E.N.) are very bright and insightful and brought out the best in all of us. Our entire group couldn’t believe how much fun and how much team building we did.
Mary Sheldon, WebTV Networks, Inc.

What touched me the most, I think, was watching your team at the end of the program when everyone had left, standing in a circle with arms around each other. That showed me the personal commitment you have to making these events so wonderful and meaningful.
Joan Mensinger, Merrill Lynch

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you. The impact that you and your staff helped us to make on our staff can not be put into words.
Phil Williams, Merrill Lynch

Our business is forever evolving. One of the advantages that we have in that evolution over our competitors is the strategic relationship we have with Odyssey P.E.N.
Jose Mejia, Lucent Technologies, Inc.

My goal for Healing Odyssey was ritualistically to move myself past breast cancer.
Judy Davison, Healing Odyssey

Like always, it was a great way to start off our Student Government retreat.
Jerad Slagle, Granite Bay High School

I really appreciate everything you do for us and for your patience.
Angie Shelton, Focus on the Future

You guys run a great organization and the heart behind it is what sets you guys above the rest.
Dana Evans

These skills are so important, and I don’t think I would have ever learned them or acknowledged them without your help, and think these skills are important for every one to learn.
Abbey, Emma Wilson School

Odyssey is the ideal partner to organize and execute this kind of an ambitious undertaking that brings civic organizations and Claremont Graduate University together to benefit the children of Claremont.
Cornelis A. de Kluyver, Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management, Claremont Graduate University

We want to thank Odyssey P.E.N. for it’s huge contribution to the success of our recent departmental offsite at Saratoga Springs.
Sally Mountain, Chain Link Technologies, Inc.

Better with your support.
Chris Reitan, Galena Schools

Superhero Camp was a good start for leadership camp, and I think that many of his points were like reminders of what we plan to achieve and overcome this year as superheros! It gave inspiration to me.

Very valuable, I thought it was fun! Captain Eutopia was full of enthusiasm.

The Superhero program gave us a lift! A fun, relevant and unique series of exercises. I recommend it!

I thought it was excellent, great program!
Superior Design International, Inc.

Today I felt as though these people will continue to support me all through the year. That I will be able to be myself around them no matter the situation.
Jennifer, Granite Bay High School

There is so much valuable information presented in these three days, I will be able to utilize it in every aspect of my job.
International trainer Phelps Dodge Corp

Yesterday, I felt like we were all a part of one huge clique or group. No one was excluded, it was as if we had never had problems getting along, everyone was treated with respect and each person worked to help everyone succeed.
Menlo-Atherton High School

Today, I came away with a different feeling. Today, I felt as though these people will continue to support me all through the year. That I will be able to be myself around then no matter the situation.
participant, Sun Microsystems

Thank you for putting on such a great program for our team! We had a ton of fun and I think everyone learned a lot about themselves and the team! Thanks again, I really appreciate everything you did for our team! Fight on!
USC Women’s Swimming & Diving Team

I felt very trusting today, as I knew others trusted me in turn. Also, I felt that my efforts were worthwhile because people recognized my efforts whenever we completed an activity.
Evergreen College

This is a wonderful idea. It brings people together, it’s fun, and the end result is very useful.
in the Los Angeles Times after participating in a Helping Odyssey

Habitat for Hounds was an incredible program for my organization. The experience was a perfect metaphor for the changes and challenges we face.
Jose Mejia, President, Supply Chain Networks
Lucent Technologies, Inc.

Abodes for Birds was one of the best team buildings we have ever done. The auction raised over $5,000 for the SoberGrad party and everyone loved it.
Program Director

“The Odyssey could be better than Tony Robbins, if packaged and promoted as a personal development program.”
Outstanding Results

“This is the first course I have come away from in a long time feeling overtly positive about the learning outcomes!”
Mel Crook & Associates

“A unique, simple and bloody effective approach to training…. What a wonderful vehicle for growth!”
Tanbind P/L