Tipping points

The only disability is a bad attitude.
Ricky Yzquierdo, Shell, Helping Hands participant

Humility comes when you see the effect you have on another life “unknowingly”.
Collene Burnell, Ariat, Life Cycles participant

Collaboration doesn’t have to be hard. Enter with a spirit of fun and a common goal, and let the magic happen.
Nancy Johnson, Centegra Health, Helping Hands participant

A pair of grateful eyes and a genuine smile says more than words.
Beth Troup, AbbVie, Life Cycles participant

We all have a choice – to default to the strengths that have gotten us to where we are today, or to build new strengths and go beyond what has ever been possible before.
Joshua Kanter, Wharton MBA, Helping Hands participant

Be willing to be the first to reach out and bridge any difference.
Ivy Peng, Goodyear Tire, Life Cycles participant

Life is a lot more than just work. The genuine desire to help others should drive how we interact with others and serve our clients.
Moh Shan Lee, PWC, Helping Hands participant

If you build it, they shall come! Give it your best and the rewards will follow.
Flavia McLaughlin, Oracle, Life Cycles participant