2 Minutes of Fame!

December 21st, 2012

“Twenty plus years of Odyssey work, our entire teams efforts, millions of air miles, countless presentations to groups around the world and now a two minute shot to tell the story on national news.”
I had two minutes of fame a few weeks ago. As I prepared for my interview on Fox Business, I flew to New York, got a room near Time Square and brought along a good friend and co-facilitator Alex Van Dewark to share the adventure. Alex had never been to NYC, so it was fun to see the city through the eyes of a first time visitor. What an amazing place! We wondered the streets until late in the evening and by chance found ourselves outside the Fox Studio. We snapped photos and hit the street vender for a late night gyro. Some local repair guys said it was the best in the city and the meal satisfied our hunger.
The next morning we got the call that our driver was downstairs and hit the street looking sharp and ready for anything. The driver drove the 5 blocks to the studio as instructed. We could have walked faster, but it seemed more VIP to take the car. Upon entry to the building we checked in and our escort took us to the green room on the 4th floor. The room was bustling with various network stars and special guests preparing to give their perspective of the world and the state of business. Watching the monitors, we enjoyed the show and began to understand the flow of things in TV land. Two employees sat at computers, monitoring giant spreadsheets and busily managing the flow of the green room. They had every second of the show mapped out and kept perfect time. Every second!

I was called to makeup and then harnessed with a microphone. No ear piece for me and at this point I am still flying blind. I had no prep, no idea who would interview me, or the line of questions I would be fielding. We are called to the studio and I take my place in the interview chair. The host makes his way over to me and sits looking over his notes. 30 seconds to air and he looks at me, shakes my hand and says, “I read the entire prep of your interview, I don’t get it?” I reply, “in two minutes you will. ” I smile and give him a 20 second snapshot of what Odyssey does and what prosthetic hands and bike building have to do with real business and long term ROI on these kinds of programs. He smiles and looks relieved. 3, 2, 1… the co-anchor passes the torch and the interview is off and running. He is a real pro and sets me up with a few softballs pitches directly linked to our 20-second pre talk. I then hit into the gap for standup doubles, or even off the fence triples with my answers. Thinking fast and breathing deeply I settle in and do my best to put my life’s work into two 30 second sound bites. With no idea where to look or what camera was actually filming me, I prayed it looked as good as it felt. Twenty plus years of Odyssey work, our entire teams efforts, millions of air miles, countless presentations to groups around the world and now a two minute shot to tell the story on national news. The interview ends and he shakes my hand with an approving look and compliment he says, “I get it now, keep up the good work.”
Back in the greenroom my phone is blowing up with support from the Odyssey Teams network, my wife and all the friends and family who believe in us and what we represent. Gratitude fills me, excitement that it is over and immediately some regret. Darn!!! My mind starts to replay each moment and how I wish I had said more or something different. I have to consciously choose to celebrate with the team and not focus on the things I might have missed. My lesson is the same lesson I have been learning for 20 years and I believe we all face as we strive to become our very best self. Do your best in that moment and be clean with the result. Can our best be better? YES! But don’t let the fear of personal and peer judgments stop you from putting your current best on display for the world to see. I celebrate the opportunity and thank all that trusted me with the task of bringing my best.