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Bike Building is a Metaphor for Team Building

By October 25, 2013 No Comments

Our Life Cycles – bike building program for increased teamwork is a huge hit with all of our clients. During this program participants build a bike. These bikes for kids are presented from the bike builders to the kids in the program. The metaphors of this and the other teambuilding activities involved in the program are rich and relevant to teams and leaders. Here’s one…

Tires need air. Everyone knows how to use a bicycle pump right? Simple. You secure the nozzle over the tire valve and inflate. In the past 15-20 years how pumps are secured to valves has done a complete 180-degree change.

It’s amazing to see people IGNORE the detailed description and photos of HOW TO USE THE TIRE PUMP. The result is frustration, rework, and often a broken piece of equipment. Not good if you’re building bikes for kids. Not good if you’re aiming to build your team and be a world-class business.

The lesson for me when I broke my bike tube for a child’s bike was to…. next time – Even if I think “I KNOW”, is to be humble enough (and not so much in a hurry) to pause and check to see if the ‘game’ has changed.

As fast as the world and business is changing, can you afford not to pause, confirm what’s truly needed and THEN act? So in business, when building a bike…bikes for kids…at least look at the pictures carefully.