Community Service-Based Team Building Helps Your Company’s Image

Whether you’re a supervisor, manager, or company owner, you’re probably always on the look-out for new ways to open up lines of communication and build better teams. Are we right?

There are a multitude of team building games, activities, and seminars to take advantage of, but if you want to inspire your team to greatness, there is nothing better than community service-based team building experiences.

Community service team building experiences, also called philanthropic team building, not only help you open up lines of communication and build better teams, but these types of events make a difference in your community and inspire employees to work harder for the greater good.

Examples of Community Service Based Team Building Experiences

Building Bikes For Kids With Life Cycles

Life Cycles is a philanthropic team building activity that asks employees to work in small groups to assemble bicycles for children in need. Communication is enhanced as team members get to know one another in a different situation. After working together in a new situation and enhancing communication skills, team members are floored  the children from local Boys and Girls clubs who will receive the bike the groups just assembled are brought out. The impacts of this type of event are numerous:

  • Gaps between business and communities are bridged
  • Makes an impact on a child’s life which is witnessed in real time by the team members
  • Makes a socially responsible contribution to the local community
  • Elevates employee pride

 Constructing Playhouses for Individuals and Organizations

Odyssey Teams’ Playhouse Challenge brings together groups of 10 to 15 employees to construct and decorate a five-foot tall playhouse. The teams are assigned task roles such as safety inspector, designer, and engineer. A few hours later, after the playhouse are built, the recipients of the playhouses surprise the teams and everyone gets to enjoy the moment of giving and receiving. With the Playhouse Challenge, the benefits are also numerous:

  • Provides  real-life experience to motivate employees
  • Provides rewarding and unifying tasks teams can later drawn-on to elevate their work
  • Enhances communication skills, teamwork, and problem-solving through real-life situations

Assembling Prosthetic Hands For Amputees

Helping Hands is a community service based team building activity with far-reaching effects. Teams are broken into groups of four and then each member has a hand bound behind their back so they experience what it would be like to be an amputee. The employees collaborate to assemble a LN-4 prosthetic hand which is then  donated to an amputee in a third-world country who would not otherwise be able to afford this costly medical device. To date, Odyssey Teams has donated over 50,000 prosthetic hands and many more people have experienced the benefits of community service team building events:

  • Realizing that all work has meaning and purpose
  • Drawing parallels between the end user and the work required to make the product
  • Enhancing communication skills and problem-solving when a real person’s life is at stake

 For more information on community service based team building events, give Odyssey Teams a call at (800) 342-1650 or send a quick email.