Any company or organization that sees efficiency of production, a collaborative culture and high-levels of employee engagement have figured out how to win with organizational development. If these things are not happening, it might be time to invest in some OD.

Top Three Signs Your Organization Needs Organizational Development

  1. Employees aren’t communicating effectively with one another. 
  2. There is high employee turnover and the ones that stay are unmotivated to improve or grow 
  3. As a result of 1 and 2, customers are treated poorly, and profits have begun to suffer. 

Achieving these goals – increased efficiency and a collaborative company culture etc –  have been the focal point of countless upper-management meetings and resulted in everything from retreats to a company picnics. But these meetings often don’t produce the desired results because there is a key ingredient missing.

How Odyssey Teams Helps You Win At Organizational Development

Odyssey Teams has helped thousands of companies worldwide develop successful organizational development programs because of one key ingredient  – an experiential component.

Odyssey’s experiential programs include a philanthropic/give back component – ie building bikes for children in need or assembling prosthetic hands for an amputees – to bring the clients mission to life

As your team works through their carefully developed Odyssey Teams experience like Helping Hands and Life Cycles , they will find themselves engaged in a hands-on business simulation with real-life consequences that extend beyond personal and professional development. As lessons about cohesion, culture, compassion and quality run throughout your organization’s chosen experience, your team members will have the opportunity to build real products that touch the lives of real people—and emotionally anchor the importance of each person’s contribution to the work your company.

Odyssey Teams workshops are specially engineered to get your people in touch with their values, motivators, ethics and mission—and to help them connect with the larger story of your organization. These event go beyond team building or bonding, focusing on the relationships between individual principles, group dynamics and real-life outcomes. When your team works with our expert facilitators, they’re being coached through an experience that sees them transform theory to practice and “doing good work” into something tangible—thanks in no small part to the experiential component embedded in each session.

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