Community Building Through Teamwork.

The Kansas Department of Corrections enjoyed a 2-day retreat where they constructed a Build-a-Hand Team building kit through Helping Hands, a corporate team building program designed by Odyssey Teams.

After four years of delivering this program all over the world with rave reviews, Odyssey turned the live program into an easy-to-use DIY kit so more companies and smaller organizations could participate in the program. These kits are purchased online, assembled, and then donated to thousands of people around with the world who are in need of prosthetic hands.

Odyssey Teams provides hand built prosthetics to amputees in developing countries through workshops and Build-a-Hand kits. These kits contain the materials needed to construct an LN-4 prosthetic hand. Not only is Odyssey strengthening relationships, but they are using these efforts to benefit whole communities, providing prosthetics to those in need.

About Helping Hands DIY Kits

Members of the department were challenged when they were asked to place koozie’s on their dominant hands and to then construct prosthetics made up of small pieces of material with their other hand. Briana, Legislative Liaison for the Department, noticed how focused and determined the members were. She mentioned how well they worked as a team, and how the work contributed to building a community. The team had to rely on keen communication between one another in order to complete their task. “They had a great time doing it and they had a sense that they are contributing to a greater cause,” Briana said.

The effects of community building activities like the DIY Build-a-Hand kit are profound.

Adam, Communications Director for the department, heard statements like, “It was amazing what we were able to accomplish,” and, “Teams came together and completed a task that is greater than us all.” Adam mentioned that the exercise was a great opportunity to boost camaraderie and to step back and rely on one another. “Nothing else mattered at that moment, just you and your partner working together to achieve a common goal.”

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In a world full of 9 a.m. -5 p.m. jobs and extra mortgages, Odyssey lends refreshing perspective on work and life. Odyssey’s mission is to create philanthropic team building activities and has worked with companies worldwide, helping communities live and feel better. Odyssey Teams gives you a way to improve your team and the world at the same time.[/vc_column][/vc_row]

Find out more about Helping Hands LIVE or the Helping Hands DIY kits by sending Odyssey Teams a quick email.