Something unique happens when a person builds something; a model airplane, a garden, a scrapbook, or woodworking project etc. Time and moods seem to shift and a sense of pride and accomplishment shows up when the builder steps back and looks at their tangible creation.

Team Building Is Important

There are so many reasons why team building is important but a main reason is that new members join and others members moving on constantly. Change is in the mix at many levels.

Teams can always use ‘time out’ to practice fundamentals, to get back on track, and realign. Often models, theories, and PowerPoints are the design of choice for these issues. But those can get…well, boring.

Mix it up – Build something!

At Odyssey Teams, we’re all about building things. All of our LIVE event programs culminate in the creation of something real:

  • Build a bike for a surprised tyke who otherwise wouldn’t have one with Life Cycles
  • Build a prosthetic hand for a disabled youth with Helping Hands
  • Build a playhouse for kids to enjoy at an underserved youth center with Playhouse Challenge

When you build something tangible as a team, you will build better teams in the process. Everyone will feel the difference.

Building Better Communication Too

Communication, networking, strategy, decision making, leadership skills and development all happen naturally as people and teams build things together. We’ve seen this happen time and again for all sizes and types of groups in our Life Cycles, Helping Hands, and Playhouse Challenge programs. The bonus is that the learning is anchored with an emotional and visceral feeling of pride, camaraderie, and the sense of making a difference.

So when team building is in order for a sales meeting, a launch, a boost, an acknowledgment, or a quick realignment to what really is important for self, team, and business – mix it up and build something real!

If you have any questions on why team building is important for your company or organization, we’d love to chat! Give us a call at (800) 342-1650 or send us an email.