Look no further than NetApp for an excellent example of employee engagement at a company.

Odyssey Teams partner, NetApp was named “Third Best Multinational Work Place” according to Great Places To Work in 2013. All of us at Odyssey Teams are extremely proud, yet not surprised. Over the years, teams at NetApp have been enthusiastic participants in our Life Cycles and Helping Hands programs.

Throughout our partnership, we have helped them deepen the individual and organizational ‘Why‘ of their work. This has provided a more powerful perspective and context for answering the ‘How‘ questions they strive towards:

  • How can we be more collaborative?
  • How can we be more innovative?
  • How can we improve quality?
  • How can we be more customer-centric?
  • How can we give more to the community?

The Impacts Of  Focusing on Team Building

Teams at NetApp worked on the answer to each of these, and the by-products have been incredible amounts of bicycles built for (and given to) under privileged children and hundreds of prosthetic hands funded and built for amputees in developing countries.

While other companies might do a charity event to check the box, NetApp understands the connective element to character, culture, contribution and customer. These Four C’s are the building blocks of innovation, quality, customer-centricity, and community – and NetApp is not afraid to talk about it. Odyssey Teams has provided the structure and process for them to do this powerfully.

Not surprisingly, NetApp is now where people want to work and where they want to do business.

Well done, NetApp. The world is watching. Way to use your heads, hands and hearts!

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