(Photo Credit: Anthony Dunn Photography)

Odyssey Teams located in Chico, California is a pioneering company for leadership development. The beauty of the fall here rivals that of the New England coast. Chico is also home to Bidwell park; over 3000 acres of +100 year old trees, creek, and trails that goes right through the heart of town.

Over 18 years ago, Odyssey Teams was the birthplace of the original Build-a-Bike program that we now call Life Cycles. The park is a continual lesson in life, and the Life Cycles program is a still a team building industry touchstone.

Many of the Odyssey crew take to the park for solitude, recollections of loved ones, exercise and rejuvenation. The park is alive currently, though leaves are dropping off of the majestic oaks and sycamore trees. Each particular leaf, falls at its own special time.

The leaves fall quietly with grace, rather than drama or hoopla. They provide a soft path for those around to stroll on. Their absence lets in precious sunlight during winter for the life in the woods, and creates space for new growth and possibility in the spring. New growth in their beloved trees and in the new soil they helped fortify.

Change is always in the mix, as it is in Odyssey’s life-changing philanthropic team building events. Like the change of the seasons, we encourage leaders to explore what patterns, thoughts, and actions they can let drop. So they too can have space to do new amazing things for themselves and those around them.

Our world renowned programs are custom designed to match the goals/themes of the group. A charitable component is always in the mix, and often times during the leadership team building sessions  ‘change’ is in the mix too.

With gratitude,

Todd Demorest, Chief Facilitation Officer

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