The story “Eugene Blueberry Breeder Surprises YMCA Kids With New Bikes” first appeared on January 23, 2019 in The Register-Guard by Suzanne Adams-Ockrassa:

During every Life Cycles program with Odyssey Teams, participants not only spend time building bikes for kids but then get to gift the bikes to deserving children.

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery managers in Eugene, OR participated in a Life Cycles program and were surprised and delighted when they discovered the bicycles they’d just spent about half an hour putting together as part of a team building exercise were going to local kids whose families may not have the money to purchase a bike.

“It was cool, we didn’t know who we were building the bikes for,” said Patricia Rodriguez, a blueberry breeder for Fall Creek from Mexico. “It went from a fun exercise (for training purposes) to an exercise with purpose.”

“This is an opportunity to create real collaboration among our managers while also giving them the satisfaction of contributing in a real way to our community,” said Brazelton, co-founder and executive chairman of the Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc., board of directors.

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