Corporate teams are ever-evolving. Change in the mix at many levels, and most teams do not have time for a ‘time out’ to practice fundamentals, get back on track, realign and do a team building activity. But even if there is room on the agenda, most people’s eyes glaze over at the very mention of ‘team building.’ 

Don’t Just Build A Team, Build Something Real

At Odyssey Teams, we believe team building activities are crucial to growth, but Odyssey Teams is not about the sit-and-listen white noise of most team building activities.

At Odyssey, we get your people moving and thinking and building something of value for themselves and for others.

During all of Odyssey Teams’ live programs, attendees build something real – a bike for a surprised tyke in Life Cycles or a prosthetic hand for a disabled youth in Helping Hands

More than just spending time with one another, today’s workforce wants to feel connected to their company’s values and see them lived out which is why Odyssey Teams’ philanthropic team building activities are so vital.

Something unique happens when a person builds a thing – a model airplane, a garden, a scrapbook, something tangible. Time and moods shift and a sense of pride and accomplishment show-up when the builders step back and look at their creation.

Something To Do, Something To Think About And Something To Feel

Communication, decision-making, leadership development  all happen naturally as people and teams build physical objects together. We’ve seen this happen time and again for all sizes and types of groups in our Life Cycles, Helping Hands, Board Meeting, and Playhouse Challenge programs. The bonus is that this learning is anchored in an emotional and visceral feeling of pride, camaraderie, and the sense of making a difference in the lives of someone else. 

So when team building is in order, mix it up and have your employees build something real! Odyssey Teams offers DIY team building kits with everything included to build something real that will literally change someone’s life. But guess what – the process of building will also change the lives of the ones doing the building too.

To find out how to bring a philanthropic team building program with a keynote to your company’s sales meeting or offsite  get in touch with Odyssey Teams by phone at (800) 342-1650 or email.