During these unprecedented times, the lessons of Odyssey Teams‘ work – community, engagement and service – have never been more true.

Together with a few of our culture-focused clients, we have co-created the Virtual Helping Hands / Build-A-Hand Program and Virtual Team Mosaic, two powerful philanthropic and virtual team building experiences to unite teams and help them to do good from their respective living rooms.

Virtual Helping Hands: Virtual Team Building Experience

This online version of our award-winning Helping Hands/Build-a-Hand Program precisely simulates the kinds of challenges teams face when working in dispersed environments.

Each team member possesses a different piece of the puzzle and it’s only through clear communication and connection with the “Big Picture” that teams successfully deliver the product, a prosthetic hand for an amputee in need. Add custom video facilitation by an Odyssey teams keynote speaker and a custom debrief video to capture the spirit of how your team united to give back during this unprecedented time.

If you’re interested in learning more about Virtual Helping Hands or collaborating with Odyssey Teams on a customized virtual team building experience, please get in touch with our Director of Client Success, Kim Clary.

Virtual Team Mosaic: Virtual Team Building Experience