Are you ready for the First Day Back Forward after months of sheltering in place? Odyssey Teams is dedicated to helping you emerge from quarantine with momentum and prepare you for some of the most important days of your career.

To help teams move forward after quarantine, we’re offering several First Day Forward sessions to help you and your teams emerge with momentum.

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Head Dream Chaser, Lain Hensley, is passionate about helping all of us meet our First Day Forward demands and transition to the “new normal” with heart, structure and process.

First Day Forward Team Trainings: One-Hour Zoom Sessions for Your Whole Team

As we emerge from quarantine, book a First Day Forward virtual team training to get everyone from line workers to executives moving forward together. Our facilitation team will guide you and your team in a virtual meeting designed to address the challenges and opportunities quarantine has provided and inspire everyone to embrace the new normal.

Customized trainings will be held as virtual meetings for up to 25 team members. Contact us to learn more.

Mark The First Day Forward With Team Mosaic: Unifying and Interactive Team Experience

On the actual First Day Forward, give your teams a tangible experience they will always remember with Team Mosaic. Your team will create a work of art to commemorate the return from quarantine and this will serve as a symbol of strength for years to come.

Our Team Mosaic program can be executed virtually or built into the first onsite team experience. It’s truly customizable, incredibly powerful and will highlight the impact each individual’s contribution has on your company. Contact us to learn more.

Finally….For the Graduating Class of 2020: Commemorative Artwork For Graduates

There is no First School Day Forward for the 2020 graduates. To help graduating classes unify during this unprecedented school year, we have two options:

  1. We’ve adapted our Team Mosaic art program to allow students the chance to create an incredibly powerful and healing work of art.
  2. The Photo Mosaic is produced with hundreds of small images of each student and will be combined to create a large image with your school logo and the title “Class of 2020 – Forever Together” displayed in the image.

If you’re a parent, teacher or friend of a graduate at any level, get in touch with us to learn how your class can produce a mosaic to celebrate the occasion.

During this unprecedented time, Odyssey is here to help you and your teams’ transition to the new normal in your business and professional lives. We’ve been in this together and we will continue to be with you on your First Day Forward.

If you have any questions or want to talk about customizing your First Day Forward experience, please get in touch!