Oh Captain, My Captain

Many moons ago “Bill went first” and, along with our host Lain Hensley, cooked up the vision of Odyssey Teams Inc.. Odyssey is now the industry-leader in corporate training and philanthropic team building. Bill’s methods have inspired people around the world for over 30 years. He has helped connect thousands of corporations to the ‘Why of their work,’ and produce over 55,000 prosthetic hands for needy amputees in 85 countries. He pioneered the Bike Building program and has donated over 30,000 bicycles to inner city children around the world. What can’t Bill John do? Nothing. He’s the type of person who’s just good at everything or ready to learn.

When he isn’t changing lives in a program room, he is pursuing his love of wildlife photography and conservation. His passion inspired the philanthropic component of Odyssey’s Team Mosaic Give program to protect wildlife in Africa.

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