Put Me In Coach

Deep thinker, philosopher, leader and mentor to many. David is the UC Irvine Men’s Volleyball Coach, but uses the game to teach way more than just volleyball. Volleyball has the most number of players in the smallest space of any sport, with an endless amount of random possibilities to manage. Like life; communication is key and teamwork is critical to success on and off the court. Kniffin grew up in Chico, California and answered the call to leadership at a young age. He went to the top of his sport as a coach and player. He was 2015 Head Coach of USA World Team in South Korea, 2013 NCAA Coach of the Year, after winning the NCAA National Championship in his first season as the head coach for the UC Irvine men’s team. David played professionally from 2004-2006 for CAI Teruel in Spain, winning a Spain National Championship in 2006. Parent, husband, coach, friend and lifelong learner, David is the real deal and shares with us his secrets to success.

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