Bridge the Gap

February 21st, 2013

I recently led our Bridge the Gap program to 117 Senior Leaders from Shell Oil. This was our fifth engagement with the group as they have been embarking on changing their individual leadership tendencies as well as the culture of their extended teams.
While in the past, the group participated in our CSR philanthropic team-building programs such as Playhouse Challenge, Helping Hands, Life Cycles, this time the goal was to have each person contribute in a unique way to the overarching goal.
…and in the midst of it all practice new behaviors, step into the unknown/uncomfortable, and collaborate while putting their influence on their one of 117 pieces of the outcome.
With only a hint of the final product and thumbnails of what to emulate as a leader they realized afterwards that…each piece matters. Leadership is an art. Tasks had varying degrees of difficulty. Natural strengths/talents had to be set aside for new actions. Positive moods and collaboration were vital to execution and success of going from current reality to their target. They were anxious to see the picture.

The bridge shown here is near the famous Donner Pass in the California Sierra Nevada Mountains, where at one time insurmountable early snowfall and treacherous trails and conditions held people back from their dreams, and for many their future. This bridge now makes it possible for people to get to where they are going in an efficient and safe manner.
It is our hope that as people continue to increase connections within their team, share their goals, ask for support, celebrate their achievements and communicate more clearly, they will bridge the gaps between their current reality and what is possible.