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Coffee First!

By November 26, 2012 No Comments

Coffee First!
Odyssey’s A_small_cup_of_coffee.jpeg programs provide a ‘double shot’ of inspiration and life changing moments for teams of all sizes. From time to time, all teams need to wake up and be reminded of what is important to them, the power of collaboration and that they make significant differences to those near and far.
A new Odyssey teammate has a screensaver that says in Big Bold Font – COFFEE FIRST. I smile every time I see it. I’m not a coffee drinker, though I’m quite familiar with how coffee can be such an integral piece of a person’s (such as my wife’s) day.
Time to wake up, start the day, get your afternoon second shot/wind, just a little pick me up etc. This is how people roll to get the most out of themselves and their day…or for some to simply survive the day. Either way a good cup of ‘Joe’ can provide valuable emotional and physical support…for teams too.

Whether taken for granted, buried in busy-ness, or simply neglected, it seems such notions of inspiration, connection, give-back, support, teamwork etc. can drift by the wayside for people and their teams. It’s normal. Not ideal but normal. So when noticing a bit of ‘flatness’, reach for a different cup of java. Enter Odyssey Teams.
Our charitable teambuilding programs such as Life Cycles, the original program where teams build a bike for a deserving child, or Helping Hands – Build-a-Hand workshop etc. provide that bit of Kona Gold that a team may need. Sure it may be just a reminder like a quick jolt for some. Though for others it will leave an indelible stain of what’s possible and/or needed for themselves, their team and their business.
Odyssey First!