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Environment and Opportunity!

By October 17, 2012 No Comments

Team Building and True Religion
Environment and Opportunity!
220 people changed the lives of 44 youth and vice versa. This all took place in a warehouse in East Los Angeles via our capstone Philanthropic Team Building Life Cycles Program.
As the lead facilitator I had some work cut out for me. The physical environment/meeting space was a challenge. It felt like I was trying to do surgery in a swamp-infested jungle with mosquitos buzzing around everywhere and pythons dropping down from the trees. However, the participants were outstanding…optimistic, engaging, and willing to take on whatever we put on the agenda. The result was a huge victory for all involved.

No doubt the environment and/or other circumstances beyond our control impact what we are up to in a given day/moment. It’s up to me and my training, talent, and intention to look beyond the negative circumstance and do all other things necessary to create the best possible outcome. Our team did this extremely well this week with True Religion Brand Jeans. We stepped out of the murk and mire, looked at what is good and possible to create magic.
We are so thankful to also partner with the Variety Boys & Club. The hundreds of youth they take care of and contribute to come from challenging environments and backgrounds. The club looks beyond the negative and focuses on the youth while using their team and talents to do amazing things for these youth and their futures. This week it happened to include being part of a philanthropic team building program where the youth met people who wanted the best for them…and were given a new bike, helmet, and lock…and saw new possibilities on the horizon.