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We will coach your team’s performance and increase your leadership presence while creating ambition and accountability.

Odyssey Coaching – A neutral view, a keen eye for what’s possible, a supportive voice and a pension for results – based on honesty, compassion and competence.

• Increase your leadership presence/identity• Optimize your team(s) performance
• Expand your awareness and options• Create moods of ambition and accountability

Odyssey coaches see the world with a set of very powerful distinctions that, when shared and embodied by our clients, create new choices and new action. Coaching is available one on one or in small groups, and in person and/or remotely (phone, video/Skype).

Executive Coaching is the award-winning, turn-key program facilitated by Odyssey Teams.
It is an Odyssey and client favorite. Nothing comes close to making an impact inside and out of your organization.

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Our Coaches

Peter Yaholkovsky, MD has over twenty years experience consulting and coaching managers and executives in leadership, effective coordination (Commitment Based Management), open and effective communication, and in building trust within and between teams, suppliers, and clients. His work addresses leadership development issues, team performance and morale, project management, process design, and the successful implementation of change and innovation. He has a special interest in producing resolution in situations where trusting relationships are jeopardized. Coaching teams to build trust is his special skill. His experience in coaching and consulting in a broad range of industries includes information technologies, finance / banking, energy, insurance, engineering, and health care. He has provided leadership and management training and development and process design for clients ranging from sole proprietors to global corporations such as Citibank, Cisco Systems, ABN-AMRO, TransAlta Utilities, Allianz, Nova, ATP, Peace Health, and Capital One.

Sue Staker is dedicated to professionals realizing their highest potential in effective leadership and in high performing teams. She is committed to creating independence and sustainability in her clients through capability transfer. Her focus is in leadership development, high performing teams, and project management. Sue has coached business leaders and their teams in the domains of clear and inspiring communication, building trust within teams, suppliers and clients, and in effective coordination of work (Commitment Based Management). This includes team & corporate alignment, mood/morale, project management and the design and successful implementation of change & innovation. Her clients span sole proprietors to global public corporations – including Amgen, Allianz, TransAlta Utilities, Cisco Systems, UMS Group, Neenan and Associates and GPU Energy.

Joel Kimmel has focused his career on building teams and organizations grounded in efficient, powerful, and effective communication technology. His consulting has included start-ups and long-term management of viable, successful small businesses, franchises and international organizations. Joel has worked with numerous leading edge consulting firms and has extensive experience leading corporate trainings, consulting on problem solving, team intervention, and coaching individuals on personal performance and authentic action. He is an experienced one-on-one coach for executives and their teams on Innovation, Identity, and Design. Joel’s coaching has encompassed a broard spectrum of life, from corporate executives to outreach programs for inner city youth. His perspective brings a fresh new approach to individual change. His promise to his clients is that they will experience the benefits of individual and team creativity, an intimate sense of personal and corporate community, and a personal commitment to building honest and authentic relationships in their lives and in the work place. Joel’s diverse background includes being a small business owner, seminar leader, a keynote speaker, ultra marathon runner, world-rowing champion, Vietnam veteran and recent recipient of the “Presidential Call to Service Award” for his volunteer work with the National Park Service.

Susan Nichols utilizes a somatic approach in her work with individuals, teams and executives. She works through “the body” (i.e. the whole self – mind, body, emotions and spirit – vs. just cognitively) to assist people in developing their leadership presence, their capacity for new action and their ability to stay present, grounded, effective and generative inside of conflict, uncertainty and quick change.

Susan received her Master Somatic Coach certification from Strozzi Institute where she is also a lead facilitator of public and corporate leadership development programs. Prior to her leadership coaching and consulting career, she held leadership positions in Brand and Product Marketing, Business Development and Key Account Management. She has a broad range of professional experience having either worked for or with large global organizations (adidas, Nike, DDB Needham, Allianz), local and international non-profits (Outward Bound, Self Enhancement Inc. Portland Oregon), Government Agencies (NASA) and a successful internet start-up (@Once, now Yesmail).

Her work was recently published in the 2008 Pfeiffer Annual Compendium of leading ideas in the field of Leadership Development entitled, “Somatics and Leadership”. She received her undergraduate degree from Amherst College and has been learning ever since.

John coaches senior leaders and leadership teams to mobilize effective action while inspiring the best out of every teammate. The pursuit is to help leaders create healthy and productive workplaces by bringing awareness to the results of current behaviors and the possibilities of creating new patterns.

John’s approach to coaching is pragmatic – there must be a value contribution to the business. He uses a proven methodology that produces long lasting performance enhancement with the least amount of time investment. He will ask powerful questions, listen for what is not being said, give honest feedback, challenge, encourage, and support. He brings the qualities of rigor, compassion, presence, commitment and deep listening to the relationship. The goal is for the client to achieve the intended outcomes, sustain their enhanced performance, and become self-correcting and self-generating.

John has coached dozens of senior leaders and managers at Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and high-tech startups. John’s clients have included companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Capital One Financial, and Owens & Minor. He has coached executives in senior roles including CEO, CFO, VP Marketing, VP Human Relations, VP Engineering, General Counsel, and Directors of MIS, IT, and operations.

To inspire: the Greek definition says “to breathe life into”…that speaks to what Susanna Mantis’ intention is in every interaction in her life. From corporate coaching, to being their for her grandchildren, to multiple fund raising projects, to being with people who are dying in her hospice work, to teaching yoga to seniors; Susanna brings an exuberance to the lives of all who know her. With 33 years of coaching experience, she is committed to empowerment and being true to your Self, while bringing awareness and passion to our most mundane tasks. Her coaching moves people to action. Coaching is available one on one, in small groups, in person and/or over the phone utilizing emails/blogging.

Paul Templer began his career leading safaris in Africa until a “bad day at the office” – a deadly hippopotamus attack – forced him to rebuild his life and his career. An experienced Business Coach with a diverse global background, he has worked in a range of fast-paced, highly competitive business environments; specializing in leadership and high performance team development, conflict resolution and guiding organizations so that they can better navigate the turbulent waters of the ever-changing business world. Paul’s global client roster includes US Bank, General Motors, Amgen, Allianz, RSA and Scottish and Southern Energy. His career has been heavily influenced by the works of Fernando Flores, the leading pioneer of Commitment Based Management. He is also a sought after keynote speaker who inspires audiences from all walks of life with his riveting, dramatic and uniquely humorous story of how we create the life we want, one decision at a time. A dedicated husband and father, Paul and his family live in Michigan USA where they have established the Templer Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting disabled and terminally ill children.