Experiential Keynotes

Hear some stories. Tell some stories. Create some new ideas.

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Now, we’re talking. Our keynote presentations are experiential, interactive and memorable. We’ll get your group engaged and knock their socks off with humor, relevance and insight. We’ll also tailor our presentation to your occasion, emphasizing your mission and enlivening your goals.

Looking for someone to pump up your convention, meeting, or celebration? We love these gigs and are comfortable with groups – large and small. We won’t steal the show, because the show will be as much the presenter as the participant. Hear some stories. Tell some stories. Create some new ideas.

Experiential Keynotes is the award-winning, turn-key program facilitated by Odyssey Teams.
It is an Odyssey and client favorite. Nothing comes close to making an impact inside and out of your organization.

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The Details

The Program

Pre-event:We’re going to learn a lot about your group and the message you want to deliver. We’ve got the chops for a wide-range of topics so we’ll dig around with you to find what will knock them alive.

At event: We’ll deliver the message from an intellectual, emotional and physical level. They’ll be engaged because they’ll be engaged. We’ll use a wide range of interactive components and leave them wanting more…of the things that matter…in their life, their work.

The end: Not really. It feels like a beginning.

The Why

We’ve been talking with groups for so long – presenting concepts and providing experiences for them to come to life. The experiential keynote has been a part of virtually every program we’ve delivered. It’s been the first hour of our sessions. It’s not about trying to lead the audience to water but to make them really thirsty. It’s about sparking a hunger to learn and throwing the fuel of humility on it. We are deliberate about the power in the experiential keynote as a stand-alone offering. So buckle up.


How much time should we carve? One hour. We’ve got enough material for twenty but ‘aint nobody got time for that’!

Will they laugh? Yes, at themselves and each other, definitely at us, and in no particular order.

Do you travel all over the world? Regularly.

What is your availability? Limited. Please inquire.