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Finding Time to Connect

By July 18, 2013 No Comments

Waiting. Plugged into one of the few, coveted outlets at Gate 12. Ready to pierce the night sky at 560 mph, 40,000 feet and 60 below zero – in a coke-bottle-shaped tube with wings. As the earth’s most collaborative species, together, we have made this kind of technologically advanced transportation possible. So many shoulders on which we have stood.

Our world is becoming smaller and smaller, faster and faster every day. But with each breakthrough in technology we also galvanize a new level of expectation where we feel justified in complaining that our flight is delayed an hour – or a day, or that “this” airline doesn’t have TVs in the back of EVERY seat or that our phone can’t make toast.

And even though we have Skype to see each other and virtual meetings to conduct online we find that, in many ways, our relationships are getting further and further apart. It is imperative, therefore to create face-to-face opportunities with people on your team to meet and truly connect. Not a modem connection but a connection that science just cannot duplicate through copper wires or fiber optics. Your best shot at building a strong team is to do teambuilding that leverages every sense of your connection…to each other, to your products, to your community and most importantly, to your customers.