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Our Trip to Brazil with a Fortune 500 Company – Part 1

By November 3, 2012 No Comments

Odyssey Travels to Brazil with one of the Top Five “Fortune 500” Companies – Part 1
Calling what I just did in Brazil with the CEO and his top 45 people just plane old “Team Building is like calling the iPhone just another cell phone. I did a Team Building program for a Brazilian leadership team with 90,000 employees and billions in sales, yet for the past three years they have not achieved their goals. The words for the day from the President and CEO were: “motivation, inspiration, vision, alignment, strategy, values, decision-making, prioritization and culture”. This was a tall order for a 9-hour Team Building program that led into a two-day strategy meeting. I stepped in front of the leadership committee in our pre meeting with a promise that I could and would deliver! I needed their commitment to apply the concepts of the day towards every behavior following the meeting. This was a warning that if they did not follow through, the entire meeting would be a waste. If the Team Building concepts are lost, the team mentality will also be lost.

They agreed to put themselves under the magnifying glass, and hold themselves accountable in the same way they held their team accountable. With instructions to be humble and curious, we started simple, discussing human commonalities around security, identity, belonging and engagement. We moved into an interesting discussion about human reflexive patterns and how good and bad habits are formed and changed. Next we discussed brain chemistry, emotional memory and the mythical “we” that sometimes keeps anyone person from taking accountability for the results “we achieved”.
To Be Continued…