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The Helping Hands Project

The Helping Hands Project™ is about discovery, inspiring your team, and giving back in a big way. During this globally recognized, corporate team building program, your team will build prosthetic hands needed by hundreds of thousands of amputees around the world.

We believe that life-changing moments are created while learning valuable lessons in purpose-driven work, customer-centric thinking, team collaboration, all in combination with critical teaming skills.

Join hundreds of other organizations and thousands of participants who have experienced this powerful corporate team building activity. Through our Helping Hands Project, together we have donated, built, and delivered over 29,000 hands to amputees in more than 75 developing countries.

This inspirational team building activity is available in both Helping Hands LIVE (with expert Odyssey Teams facilitation) and our DIY Build-a-Hand Team building kit, that invites you to lead the way.

Countries Touched
Hands Made
Lives Changed

Helping Hands Live is an award-winning, turn-key program facilitated by Odyssey Teams.
It is an Odyssey and client favorite. Nothing comes close to making an impact inside and out of your organization quite like this.

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Helping Hands Live Program

Build-a-Hand DIY Kit

The Helping Hands Live Process

Before the Helping Hands event:

We’ll hold a pre-program design call with key stakeholders to identify specific business goals and values the Helping Hands program will deliver upon. The team building of the hands is an experiential component used as a ‘business simulation.’ It is advised that the participants do not know anything about the prosthetic hand or philanthropic component of the program beforehand. We will strategically title the program related to the learning outcome and leave it otherwise ambiguous. Sample session title:  ‘Collaborating for Good.’

During the Helping Hands event:

Introduction: A powerful introduction sets the stage for team engagement and application related to the specific business values and individual behaviors of your team. Whether the focus is one or all things centered on communication, engagement, purpose-driven work, or customer-centricity — Odyssey’s Lead Facilitator will provide context to how (and why) these and/or other focal points will be integrated into the experience.

ART:  Awareness of Reflexive Tendencies (ART™) is introduced to pinpoint the reflexive strengths and areas for improvement that team members default to while under pressure. Participants engage in a series of brief get-out-of-your-seat challenges to determine areas requiring a more deliberate approach to mediate team results, team relationships, and work processes. These activities prepare team members to deliver on-time, with quality, and a drive home a deeper sense of purpose.

The business simulation … turned aha! moment: The Pre-Build Video (see video below) unveils the ‘business simulation.’ Until this point, this reference infers a hypothetical simulation. As they watch the video they realize this is not hypothetical at all. They understand that their efforts will have a life-changing impact on others. At this point, they understand the value of the Helping Hands project, the value of their time, and the value of your organization’s commitment to doing something truly valuable.

At a ratio of three team members to one hand, everyone is given the over-arching challenges to complete:

  • Construct all the prosthetic hands in the event by a certain time
  • Decorate the protective carrying case the hand goes in with imaginative creativity
  • BE DELIBERATE and demonstrate the values, virtues, and lessons derived at the start of the program
  • Take a photo of your team building in progress and one with your finished hand. The first one is for you and the second one will be printed and inserted into the protective carrying case with the finished hand so the recipient gets to see who built it for him/her.

Debriefing / Transference: At the end of the ‘business simulation,’ the Post Build Video is played (See video this page). This generates a powerful emotional response and connects the program participants to what they have done, how they accomplished it and WHY they have done it. The Odyssey Team Facilitator then asks them to connect these revelations with who the participant is, what they do in their job, and the purpose behind their work. Concepts such as collaboration, team communication, customer-centered thinking, quality of work, sense of purpose, etc. are discussed and galvanized in this final debrief.

This is, hands down, the most powerful part of the give back activity. (No pun intended).

Reinforcement of work values for long-term results: The final debrief shifts something inside the attendees. A new paradigm is created centered around what is possible through attendees’ actions and commitments.

Tipping Points™ – Tipping Points are original quotes, lessons, and comments penned by the teams at the end of the program. One originally authored quote per day is emailed to the entire group, to reinforce the team building message of the program.

Closing remarks.

The Why of Our Work

Half-way through the first time, I assembled an LN-4 hand, a huge realization hit me. It dawned on me that I was using my hands to create something for someone who does not have a hand – a simple fact that I had forgotten while in the ‘doing’ of the assembly. From this moment on, my attention, compassion, and care for what I was doing were significantly amplified. This feeling continues to permeate in all of the little things I do each day in Odyssey; such as, writing a Helping Hands proposal, packing supplies for a program etc. For the past 3 years when facilitating Helping Hands sessions, I’m always on the lookout to notice people and when/if they have a realization similar to mine. In the midst of the fun, engagement, and learning people always leave our sessions feeling more connected and aligned as a team and ambitious for what’s next – in the Helping Hands session it seems they also leave with a profound sense of gratitude and humility – I like that.

Todd Demorest, Lead Facilitator,

Odyssey Teams, Inc.


How long does the give back activity run? If you want a truly inspirational experience be sure to set aside at least three hours. See the ’Helping Hands process’ above for details. If you don’t have that much time, you can still construct the prosthetic hands in a meeting as short as an hour and a half.

Is there a difference between Helping Hands and the Build-a-Hand Team Building Kit? Helping Hands is a turn-key live team building program, complete with an Odyssey Teams facilitator. The team building kit is a do-it-yourself kit that includes everything you’ll need to facilitate your own give back activity.

Does the building of the prosthetic hands have to be a surprise for the attendees? Yes. It is not required, but we recommend it. This allows the facilitators to use the process more powerfully as a corporate team building simulation.

Do we need a lot of space? Just enough to fit the participants in chairs and tables to work on.

Do we need anything else for the event? To reinforce the team building program you will need a projector/screen for PowerPoint and sound equipment. A lavalier microphone for groups over 50 and a handheld microphone(s) for groups over 50 for report-outs during debriefing. A corporate give back activity summary will be sent and reviewed with one of our senior logistics coordinators.

Is there a limit to the number of hands we can build? The ratio Odyssey Teams use and recommends is one hand for every three attendees. The over-arching goal is to promote clear communication and collaboration. The objective should be set to operate as one team, which includes everyone in the room. With this goal in mind participants may look at processes to build ALL the hands in the room at once. There are a variety of team building configurations with people moving and helping that can get this task accomplished.

Who receives the prosthetic hands? At the end of the team building event, the hands are shipped back to Odyssey Teams main office for a final quality check. After this, they are sent to the Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand foundation for distribution. The hands are then sent to third world countries where residents don’t have access to prosthetic devices due to their socio-economic position.

Will we find out who gets our hand? Unfortunately, we are unable to track individual hands to recipients. However, we do ask the volunteers doing the fittings to take photos, gather information, and send as much as they can back to us. Many of these photos can be seen on the photo gallery of this web page. Though remote, there is the chance that you recognize the carrying case you designed being held by a recipient in our photo gallery.

Are there discounted rates for youth groups and other non-profits? Absolutely. We offer discounts for all give back activities including Life Cycles, Board Meeting, and The Playhouse Challenge. Please inquire.

Can I make a donation? Please do. Your donation goes directly to the Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation (5013c). It will also help fund new design and distribution efforts.

29,000 prosthetic hands funded, built and delivered to 0ver 75 Countries.

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Helping Hands – The Result

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