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Team Building

Learn about the Helping Hands Program

By February 22, 2008 No Comments

Click here to go directly to the Helping Hands and Life Cycles-Bike building programs. Join us in pushing your team’s potential as Odyssey pushes the envelope of teambuilding with our new program Helping Hands™. The product of a magical meeting of the minds between Odyssey Owner Lain Hensley and Michael Mendonca, President of the LN-4 Project, Helping Hands will show your team how to step outside perceived limitations to the place of possibility. We’ll help you develop skills that go beyond the traditional definitions to authentic internal experiences of what it means to be successful.
In this program, we combine curriculum, activities and key note addresses with the cooperative problem-solving exercise of actually assembling brand new, highly functional prosthetic hands that will be distributed to disabled children in Developing Nations. This powerful combination leverages the hyperbolic speed of change and technology and resurrects the essence of community involvement. We call it believing beyond the evidence. It’s revolutionary, because it’s evolutionary. It takes who we are and helps us imagine, and in turn, manifest, who we could be. It’s a skill reserved for people, businesses and organizations who are driven to achieve their full potential. We think that’s you.
We’re excited and honored to be part of something as big and beautiful as Helping Hands™. If you are new to Odyssey or if your team has already been inspired by our Life Cycles™ bicycle building teambuilding or other workshops, we invite you to call and learn more about our brand new program. Together, we can change the world.