iDisorder Unplugged, Live with Odyssey Teams

October 26th, 2012

iDisorder – Unplugged, Live – it’s Odyssey Teams!

“iDisorder: Understanding our obsession with Technology and overcoming its hold on us” is a new book by Ph.D.’s Larry Rosen with N.A. Cheever and L.M. Carrier. It is a fascinating subject that supports the basis of Odyssey Teams world-renowned Philanthropic Team Building Programs. Life Cycles, Helping Hands and our other Corporate Social Responsible offerings I’m sure would be a welcomed breath of fresh air to the above co-authors.

I encourage you to go to search the book title and click on the ‘read inside’ button. Read the first few pages of Chapter 1. It lays out so many often seen and experienced examples of how technology gets in the way of effective relationships, family, and teams. The authors state early on that they believe in, use, and appreciate the technological advances that come before us at an unprecedented speed. However, they believe there is a time and place for these items, as most any ‘tool’ can be used to build or destroy…intentionally or unintentionally.

During our programs people connect. They connect to each other, to what they care about, to their small and larger teams, to their community and to the ‘Why’ of their work. They connect with their Head, Heart, and Gut. A virtual “3-D” connection that is face-to-face, in the moment and powerful beyond reproach.

On the dark side… iDisorder can lead to and/or accentuate the hidden behaviors in people such as ADHD, Narcissism, Anti-Social, and Obsessive Compulsive etc.
To shine some light on the dark; unplug a bit each day, have technology free meals & meetings, and call Odyssey Teams.