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Life Cycles, the Original Team Building Experience

By October 25, 2013 No Comments

Building bikes teambuilding is also called [Life Cycles (TM)] and is a trademarked process of combining philanthropy and team skill development. Invented and delivered by Odyssey Teams, Inc. this bicycle-building event has become the ubiquitous program in the industry.

Odyssey invented the process of building bikes as a teambuilding experience where children come into the venue to receive them. Odyssey’s first delivery was to Lucent Technologies, October 10, 2000. “We are very proud to have originated the idea of taking a Habitat for Humanity concept and overlaying a training context to it in a two to four-hour, on-premise event.” It is through the eyes of the children, who burst through the doors to receive their brand new bikes that participants are able to see the gaps in their customer awareness and commitment to quality. Over 10,000 bikes have been built for children around the world while companies have enjoyed increased teamwork, quality, and customer relations.

The program has also been described as the bike-building event for children or bikes for tikes, bikes for tykes, and the teambuilding bike event. All point towards the original Life Cycles event developed by Odyssey Teams, Inc. in October, 2000.

We invite you to learn more about the original at www.odysseyteams.com.