Light in Atlantic City

February 15th, 2013

I haven’t spent two nights in the same bed for over 11 nights. No moss on this stone. A mix of leadership training and cultural development programs in Ft. Lauderdale, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas and a couple of family adventures too. That changes tonight with 4 nights at home, the travel was worth it for sure.
Last week we delivered our highly requested Life Cycles where teams build a bike for children in this leadership session for 280 participants from SafeNet. They chose Life Cycles over our other philanthropic team-building programs; Playhouse Challenge, and Helping Hands, because they wanted to make a big difference in the local area – Atlantic City.
This was my first trip to Atlantic City. I arrived after midnight. The cab ride from the airport was quick and took me through empty, lonely looking streets with neon lights above. The Trump Taj Mahal hotel had a similar look and feel as I checked in at the front desk and walked through the quiet casino floor and hallways.

The next morning I went for a run along the beach. With grey skies above, the winter waves were pounding at the shoreline and structures that were pummeled by Hurricane Sandy a couple months back. My overall impression was this place needed some light, new energy, and lots of care and work.
We delivered all of that with a helping of hope as well. Our team shed it’s light on the good people at the hotel who supported us behind the scenes. We shed our light on SafeNet’s 280 people from around the world as they aligned on their future. They shed their light on 56 youth from a tired, worn out, and challenged community trying to pull themselves up by the boot strap. The highlight however was how these 56 vibrant, positive, resilient youth and their chaperones shed their light on us all!
We are ever grateful and inspired that SafeNet chose to have their meeting where they would make a positive difference in a local economy, community, and people that could really benefit from their investment and commitment. Shed a little light.