Odyssey for Youth Staff Development

If you think hiring someone, training them and having them leave is expensive, try hiring them, not training them and having them stay.

Odyssey for Youth is in a unique position in the team building industry – we have a dedicated staff of facilitators that have the pleasure of working with BOTH students and the teachers and staff that they interact with. We live in BOTH worlds, staying deeply connected to the learning process, youth culture, and the challenges that face teachers and administration. What makes our staff and thus our programs so unique is the broad range of experience that we have under our belt. If your staff needs a change of pace, a togetherness tune up, or a reminder of WHY they show up and give their best, we are here to help.

H.E.A.L B.U.T.T.E - Helping Everyone Affected Locally Better Understand Trauma Through Emptahy

We have ALL felt the effects of the fire in one way or another. After much reflection and conversation with Principals, Teachers, Parents, and North Valley Community Association board members we have decided to champion a series of experiences designed to serve the teachers of Butte County.

We have learned that the best way to take care of our Butte County students is to ensure that those that influence them day in and day out are on a positive path towards self-care through empathy based team building. We understand that teachers need to feel supported by their peers, their community, and by their administration in order to create personal bandwidth for managing the emotional state of their students. We plan on doing this by offering a menu of experiences designed to strengthen the bonds between staff members while meeting the time-sensitive needs of their curriculum. Please download the full brochure of programs for the HEAL BUTTE program below.

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