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To help students and teachers transition back to in-person classrooms, Odyssey Teams is offering a youth version of our Team Mosaic program used by Fortune 500 companies to increase connections and engagement.

If you are a teacher, administrator or parent you likely have questions such as:

  • What is our school doing to kick-off the next school year, bring everyone together and address learning loss?
  • How can we inspire our students and help them rekindle the chemistry of physical engagement experienced before COVID?
  • Is there a tool to help our campus become more inclusive and equitable or address mental health issues?

We know all know students and faculty have suffered this year. Team Mosaic is the perfect tool to launch the next school year in a special way and address the ongoing affects this year has had on us all.

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Team Mosaic for Youth

In 2019 before the global pandemic hit, the Camp Fire destroyed the town of Paradise, CA. Odyssey Teams brought the Corporate Team Mosaic to Paradise High School to help the students unify after all the destruction they experienced. It was a powerful and transformative experience for everyone involved.

The seven simple steps of Team Mosaic for Youth:

  1. Fill out the Team Mosaic detail sheet confirming the details for your activity.
  2. Select your mosaic image. Use your own image or select an image from our Image Library. Your image can be personalized with your school logo, slogan or mascot.
  3. Receive Your Unique Team Mosaic URL Link. This link will be used by participants to select their tile(s). Participants will also upload an image of their re-creation for the mosaic reveal.
  4. Participants select and re-create their tile(s) using art supplies provided by your school/ youth organization or by Odyssey Teams (determined in details sheet).
  5. Participants upload an image of their re-creation following the steps in the URL link provided. These will be compiled for a digital copy of your mosaic.
  6. Time for the reveal! Once all tiles have been submitted, your Odyssey Representative will supply you with the digital copy of the final mosaic. Physical tiles can also be displayed together and revealed at your location.
  7. Finally, it’s time to debrief the Team Mosaic experience. The metaphors are everywhere. The experience and conversations can be guided towards school culture/pride, diversity and inclusion, art, science and more.

Feature, Fundraise & Amplify Your School’s Team Mosaic

Once the students have created a gorgeous Team Mosaic for the classroom or school, it’s just the beginning. Here are some additional ways to further amplify your Team Mosaic:

  • Print your finished Team Mosaic and hang proudly in your class, gym, office or outdoor signage area.
  • Frame and auction your Team Mosaic at your annual fundraiser
  • Sell the ‘tiles’ as a fundraiser to subsidize the project (e.g. get sponsors for each tile)
  • Invite parents or other family members to participate. Parents and siblings will likely play a much more significant role in your students education. Including them helps them feel like they are part of the mosaic and education of their children.

If you have additional ideas on how to make Team Mosaic work for your school/ youth organization, we’d love to hear them!

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FAQ: Team Mosaic for Youth

  • What is the pricing? Our corporate work and clients have helped subsidize the cost and we are THRILLED to offer it to you at a discounted rate. The experience is $4 per person. If you would like Odyssey to provide art supplies, they come in kits of 25 for $125 each.
  • What is the scalability? Your mosaic can be any number of tiles and any size! Perfect experience for a single classroom or an entire school.
  • What age levels is it appropriate for?  Team Mosaic is appropriate for kindergarteners through 12th graders and everyone in between.
  • What comes in a Team Mosaic Art Supply Kit? Facilitator’s Guide with key lessons and logistic items, white square “tiles”, washable paint in primary colors, paint brushes, paper plates, placemats to paint on, and paper towels.

More questions? Please reach out us for a  free consultation by email or phone: (800) 342-1650

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In 2019 before the global pandemic hit, the Camp Fire destroyed the town of Paradise, CA. Odyssey Teams brought the Corporate Team Mosaic to Paradise High to help them unify after all the destruction.

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