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Youth Ropes Course

Odyssey Youth Division

By April 10, 2009 No Comments

In case you weren’t aware…in addition to the engaging, corporate sector of Odyssey, our company boasts a vibrant and valuable youth division! And we are alive and kicking, having worked with more than 15,000 young adults. Our programs are typically half- and full-day events where youth from schools, clubs and other organizations have the opportunity to push their limits. Guided by our philosophy of “Building Confidence and Growing Individuals,” we invite our young participants to take positive risks with the support and encouragement of their peers. Our goal is to bring both a physical and mental approach to learning; and our programs serve as a perfect tool! Whether you visit one of our local courses, or our team comes to your campus, the programs will challenge, engage and connect the members of your group.

This month’s featured event…
In March we were fortunate to partake in California’s drug and alcohol prevention program known as The Reach Conference. We held a ropes course that provided 700 junior high and high school students the opportunity to climb a 40-foot tower, be lifted over a 14-foot wall, and ride on a massive swing. In addition to being both fun and challenging, the students discovered that the tools needed for success on the ropes course–balance, patience, perseverance and commitment–were the same qualities needed for success in life. To really drive this point home, we included a reflective session where students wrote about what they learned and how they would apply it in the future.
I was lucky enough to be leading this reflective session, and to see first hand how these kids were going to change their lives. Many made bold declarations of quitting drugs and alcohol, and some went as far to say that the gang activities they had been involved with, had gone too far, the killing must stop.
Hearing what some of these kids had been exposed to, and involved with, made me realize that there’s no such thing as a bad kid, they just act-out from the experiences they have become all too familiar with. Giving them the opportunity to participate in a program that doesn’t at all resemble their real lives on the surface; allowed them to look from the outside in, and identify which patterns and behaviors contributed or took away from where they wanted to be. It’s Odyssey’s passion to empower these youth to take ownership of their lives and make more mindful and positive decisions.
For more information on Odyssey’s programs, contact Anne-Claire Benoit at 530.342.1650 or email at anneclaire@odysseyteams.com