How to Win With Organizational Development

April 21st, 2016
How to win with organizational development

An organizational development need exists in almost every company in the world. Every company wants to increase efficiency and boost production. Achieving this goal has been the focal point of countless upper management meetings. Everything from a retreat to a company picnic has been planned. However, these measures have fallen short of the necessary mark. People are grateful for the food, but production doesn’t necessarily increase afterward.

The top three reasons your organization needs organizational development 

1. Employees aren’t communicating with one another. They often become irritated about work expectations of others.

2. There is a stagnation in work attitudes as many refuse to improve. It is not uncommon for this atmosphere to have a high employee turnover.

3.  Customers are treated poorly, and profits have begun to suffer. This is on account of employees being unchallenged and unmotivated.

Organizational development is a program that plans out and then systematically seeks out to change the beliefs, attitudes, or values of employees for individual, and company growth. These organizational development programs are not an instantaneous fix but a long term company adjustment that can take weeks or months. Some organizational development programs are continuous cycles. This means they are re-implemented every couple of months to constantly improve the company.

Benefits To Filling An Organizational Development Need:

1. Promote Employee Development—As the need of consumers changes so does the marketplace. Your employees need to be able to adapt their skills with changing environments. Part of filling an organizational development need is employee development. This enhancement in employee skill is achieved through a program of training, skills/competency enhancement, and work process improvements.

2. Increased Communication—A direct result of filling an organizational development need is increased communication and feedback within the company. This helps to align everyone within the company of the shared company vision. This open communication also leads to increased understanding of the need for change within the organization.

3. Increased Product & Service Enhancement –Increased communication, and employee development also increase products and service through innovation. As employees develop their abilities their need to innovate new processes will naturally occur. With the open communication developed these ideas will be much more apt to be heard and employees will feel more appreciated.

4. Company Growth—Organizational Development can help manage and plan company growth. One of the aspects of an OD program is to bring together sales projections and consumer demand. This helps determine the rate of company growth. This information is then used to change the business plan, re-appropriate resources, or distribute funds for an expansion.

5. Increased Profits—As the innovation, communication, and productivity increase so does your bottom dollar. Costs are also reduced because of little to no employee turnover and absences. However, the greatest advantage your company will receive is the culture shift towards one of continuous improvement.


There are several ways to guide and inspire your employees during an organizational development program. Corporate team building events like Helping Hands and Life Cycles come with expert Odyssey Teams’ facilitators. In addition, Odyssey Teams offers Give Back Activities with DIY kits so you can facilitate your own successful team building event.

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