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Team Balance, but Problems – What to do?

By June 9, 2008 No Comments

We often add a little Odyssey color/flair to our events with quotes etc. (like the one above from Tommy Protho) placed throughout the training room. This quote usually gets a laugh. It’s true isn’t it? Every team has it’s little blemishes here and there. And on a given day or project it can be anybody’s turn to be the ‘blemish’.
For over 20 years I’ve had the pleasure to see some of the best aspects of humanity in this work. It seems during our programs people are really challenging themselves, and opening up to be ‘good people’ to each other. To include, speak positive, and support each other during the task at hand. Should a dysfunctional ‘blemish’ appear, we all learn from it and move forward without blame, drama, politics etc. In short, people are being socially responsible.
While this has been happening at a foundational level for decades with Odyssey’s team building programs… Seven years ago we wanted to bring it into the spotlight and well beyond the training room walls. Thus, the inception of our Corporate Social Responsibility – Helping Odyssey programs.
Life Cycles, Helping Hands, and Playhouse Project programs give people the opportunity to create tangible results that effect local and global people, families, and communities. It is emotional, and valued by all that are involved.
More than a sound bite heard from a CEO, at Helping Odyssey’s participants get the unique and compelling satisfaction of ‘walking the talk’ and giving back, adding to etc. It feels good to make a difference in some ones life. It also feels good to learn something new and relevant about yourself, team, and business – guaranteed to happen at one of our trainings.